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Myspace.com Home Mail Profile Friends Music MySpace TV More Adolf Hitler: Born: 20 April 1889 Braunau am Inn, Austria–Hungary WWII: 1939-1945 Age: 51 in 1940 Relationship: In a relationship/ married About Me: I learned to loathe brilliant, charming, cosmopolitan Vienna for what i called its Semitism. More to my liking was homogeneous Munich, myreal home after 1913. To this man of no trade and few interests World War I was a welcome event - it gave him some purpose in life. Also I went to Munich, Germany and when World War I began in 1914, I volunteered for service in the German army. i was twice decorated for bravery, but only rose to the rank of corporal. When World War I ended I was in a hospital recovering from temporary blindness possibly caused by a poison gas attack. Adolf Hitler Send Message Add Friend Call/I.M Friend

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Interest in General: church choir, films, art, and drawing Books- Mine Movies: Any Western Heroes: ME! Religion: Not JEWISH Hitler’s top 3 friends: Benito Mussolini Joseph Stalin Eva Braun Who I would like to meet: Anyone Who Hates Jews I will always follow you to the end or the earth. Schools: Academy of Arts Not accepted Vienne, Austria Degree: None Hitler's Companies: Germany Army: Corporal 1914-1918Munich, Germany Nazi Party: Leader: 1920-1933, Munich, Germany Germany Govt.: Chancellor, 1933-present, Munich, Germany

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