Global Warming

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CAUSES OF GL BAL WARMING Cause of global warming is increasing number of cars , motor bikes , trucks , auto rickshaw and many other things because they are produce pollute gas Carbon dioxide . We use Methane gas in our house this gas is harm full for our enviroment because these gases carbon and methane go under OZONE layer of earth and they help to pass sun rayses easily and sun rayes directly come in earth these sun rayes increase our earth temperature , this increasing of temperature melt our glacier the melting of glacier the ice melt in water and go in seas and rivers . This water increasing the level of water in seas and river . This increasing of water level our earth is go down in water .

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GLOBAL WARMING SOLUTION We can solve this global warming problem. The term to solve global warming problem these are given below. Decrease the numbering cars , bike and etc. Use cycles because they could not produce pollute gas . Do foresterization because plant observe Carbon dioxide and pure our enviroment . Make artificial forestry because they help to puring enviroment . Try to clean atmosphere , society and area.

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