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HOW IT WORKS SERVICE REQUEST Customer Searches online for a Home Service Professional Customer completes online interview with service/project details LEAD MATCHING Service Network: Matches customer's request to your criteria Sends leads to you via e-mail, fax or online Service Network sends the lead to you and up to 4 other service professionals CUSTOMER CONNECTION Service Network Pre-closes the customer by sending your company profile and ratings RESULTS Service Professional You connect with customer You provide an estimate You grow your business faster & cheaper Service Professional Follows up with the customer using all available contact information from the lead details




SAMPLE LEAD Member ID :6226 Good news, Jack Mochel/EyAl Nativ! Here's a new Moving service request from Service Network member Laura Seymour of Modesto, CA 95355 that could be a good match for you. Your next steps are easy: 1. You can check the details of this request below. 2. If it looks right for you, you can respond by clicking on this link: and then click on Moving Quote #87589. 3. If this URL doesn't display as a link, just copy and paste it into your browser, or click on My Account at Here are the details of this request: -------------------------------------------- Moving Quote ID: 87589 Moving Date: June 15 2004 Contact Name: Laura Seymour Home Phone: Work Phone: 212-993-9259 Best time to Call: Morning Contact E-mail: [email protected] Move From: Modesto, CA, 95355, Move To: Brooklyn, NY, 11238, Approx. Inventory Storage (Cubic Feet): 700 Approx. Weight (pounds): 5000 Approx. Distance (Miles): 2497 Dwelling Existing : Single Room Comments: My stuff is all packed in a storage unit in Modesto, California. Everything is in boxes except for a few chairs and 2 tables. I do not have a specific date for pick-up or drop-off, and could consolidate with other movers. -------------------------------------------- (Is this the type of lead you were expecting? It's easy to adjust your profile so that you get the kinds of leads you're looking for. Thanks again for being a part of the Service Network services marketplace. Service Network Team Lead Information- View type and location and best time to call Customer Comments- Read the customer's description to understand exactly what the move includes Customer Responses- See responses to specific questionnaires created by experts in the field


COMPARE US Service Network MARKETING vs OTHER FORMS OF MARKETING Service Network brings you more customers at a much lower cost than print advertising. If you advertise in the Yellow pages, Newspaper or Direct Mail, consider this.... With print advertising, you can spend a lot of time dealing with unqualified callers to determine if they are serious and right for you. Service Network provides 100% targeted leads. With all above options.. You pay a fixed fee with no guarantee of the phone ringing It's very difficult to measure your success or return on Investment You can adjust your advertisement quickly With Service Network you only pay for leads from customers who match the type of move YOU want and the areas YOU prefer to work. Yellow page advertising requires large fixed spending with no guarantee of results and results in calls from unqualified prospects that eat up your precious time. Service Network provides 100% targeted pre-qualified leads. Direct mail has a typical response rate of less than 1% Why spend a fortune on direct mail with questionable results? Moving Companies in Service Network network close 15-60% of the leads they purchase, on average.




FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Q: I am too busy with my current work load, why should I join? A: With Service Network, you will see leads targeted to your type of work and preferred locations that are more profitable for your company. Service Network doesn't just bring you more work but rather more profitable work. Get connected with the right type of customers for your business. Q: How do you get your leads? A: Service Network spends Millions of dollars in advertising per year and has over 200 online partners to drive over 1 million visitors to our website each month. let us be your multi-million dollar web marketing department. Q:Do I pay even if I don't get the job? A: With Service Network you pay a Monthly fee or a nominal fee for every lead regardless of the outcome. The lead fees have been priced in a way that even with a very small win percentage, Service Network will be your lowest cost of advertising. Depending on the service type, most of our service professionals close 15%-60% of the leads they purchase. Q: What qualifications must a Service Professional have to join Service Network? A: Service Network uses the following guidelines as part of the registration process: Licensing – Service Network confirms at the time of a service professionals registration, that prospective new service professional members have all applicable required state- level or provincial-level trade licensing. Legal – For US service professionals, Service Network utilizes third party services that record legal information to check for significant recorded state-level civil legal judgments entered against a prospective new service professional member by business customers within the three years prior to such service professional's registration. Service Network does not make any representations or warranties as to the accuracy or completeness of the information provided by the third party services. Insurance/Bonding – Wherever possible, Service Network confirms insurance or bonding information presented by member service professionals in their profiles at the time of registration. Q: What if I am already working with a company that provides me with leads? A: There are key differences between our company and the others out there. We provide our service on a month to month basis, which is a great way for you to try out our targeted leads and compare the quality and cost to the company you are currently working with. In addition, through Service Network, you are able to expand your markets and become more profitable.

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