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Graphic Design One Portfolio Jake Baldini Fall 2010

Personal Logo Design : 

Personal Logo Design

Business Card : 

Business Card

T-Shirt Design : 

T-Shirt Design

Certificate : 


Flyer : 


C.D. Case Design : 

C.D. Case Design

Postcard : 


Motivational Poster : 

Motivational Poster

Graphic Design Newsletter : 

Graphic Design Newsletter

Advertisement : 


Advertisement Design Brief : 

Advertisement Design Brief Jake Baldini Advertisement Design Brief An advertisement is a paid announcement in a newspaper or magazine etc. It is a document to call the attention of the public to promote something. The purpose for my advertisement is to promote my graphic design business and myself as a graphic designer. The Ad must have all my services and contact information listed as well as my name and business slogan while still having balance and proportion. My Ad is going to be black and white so that no too much ink is being consumed.

Advertisement Evaluation : 

Advertisement Evaluation Jake Baldini Advertisement project evaluation I believe my advertisement project came out as planned. I was very happy with my overall design. This design explained exactly what I do as a graphic designer and that was my intention. The black and white was simple and very easy to read. I think the boarder balanced it all very well. My motto is very convincing which also really helped my ad. I think this is my overall best project because it is very eye pleasing. I like this design the best because it is black and white and very simple.

Resources : 

Resources Adobe Illustrator Adobe In Design Adobe Photoshop Microsoft Publisher Microsoft Word Microsoft PowerPoint