Interpersonal Relationships

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Overview : 

Overview Understand the nature of relationships. Understand how strong interpersonal skills will magnify our personal power Analyze various communication styles and recognizing our own Provide strategies for effective interaction with communication styles Build skills in conflict prevention and management, Consider behavioural standards that guide relationships

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No matter how hard you work or how many brilliant ideas you may have, if you can’t connect with the people who work around you, your professional life will suffer.

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Team work is crucial!


TEAM Research indicates the skills which are essential for effective teamwork are: Communicating and relating effectively. Empathy and respect for the feelings and views of others. Accurate self-evaluation of performance and relationships. Conflict management using active listening skills and empathy.

What is Interpersonal Relationship (IR)? : 

What is Interpersonal Relationship (IR)?

Interpersonal Relationships : 

Interpersonal Relationships between two or more people

Six success elements in Relationships. : 

Six success elements in Relationships. It takes a combination of - Self-awareness, Self confidence, Positive personal impact, Outstanding performance, Communication skills and Interpersonal competence to succeed in your career and life.

Self awareness : 

Self awareness Becoming self-aware is the first step to improving our interpersonal effectiveness. We aren't aware of the impact these behaviours have on others. Through self-awareness we learn what impact our behaviours - both positive and negative - have on others.

Outstanding performance : 

Outstanding performance What ever you do it to the best of your ability. “DO it with thy MIGHT!”

Communication skills : 

Communication skills Interpersonal communication can mean the ability to relate to people in written as well as verbal communication.  This type of communication can occur in both a one-on-one and a group setting.  This also means being able to handle different people in different situations, and making people feel at ease.

Communication skills : 

Communication skills Active listening, Giving and receiving criticism, Dealing with different personality types, and Nonverbal communication.

What are Interpersonal Skills? : 

What are Interpersonal Skills? A set of behaviours which allow you to communicate effectively and unambiguously in a face-to- face setting They can also be thought of as behaviours which assist progress towards achieving an objective

Six interpersonal skills : 

Six interpersonal skills There are just six interpersonal skills which form a process that is applicable to all situations: Analyzing the situation Establishing a realistic objective Selecting appropriate ways of behaving Controlling your behaviour Shaping other people's behaviour Monitoring our own and others' behaviour

Applicability of Interpersonal Skills : 

Applicability of Interpersonal Skills Analyzing the situation helps us to set realistic objectives Establishing objectives, in turn, provides the context in which to make choices about how best to behave By being conscious of our own behaviour in working towards the achievement of objectives we are more likely to influence other people’s behaviour Constant monitoring will provide the feedback we need to make situation-dependent adjustments

What is Conflict? : 

What is Conflict? Conflict occurs in situations in which there is opposition. Opposition occurs when a solution cannot be found in a disagreement. Conflict is a disagreement through which the parties involved perceive a threat to their needs, well-being, interests or concerns. Conflict is healthy and a normal part of any human relationship.

Conflict Resolution : 

Conflict Resolution Conflict resolution involves identifying areas of agreement and areas of compromise so that a solution to the disagreement or conflict occurs.

How do I handle/prevent/reduce conflicts? : 

How do I handle/prevent/reduce conflicts?

There are five methods to handle conflict: : 

There are five methods to handle conflict: Running away Being oblidging to the other party Defeating the other party Winning a little/ losing a little Co-operating

Resolving conflict is an art of communication : 

Resolving conflict is an art of communication Use interpersonal communication skills

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