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How could a“Zombie Apocalypse” happen, really? : 

How could a“Zombie Apocalypse” happen, really? Are you sure you want to know???

Brain Parasites : 

Brain Parasites Toxoplasmosa gondii is a parasite which infects rats. It breeds in the intestines of the felines who come in contact with the infected rats, rats get in to the cat’s crap, and it’s an ongoing cycle, you see?

What does it do? : 

What does it do? The toxoplasmosa gondii parasites take over the brain of the rat, causing them to scurry toward their predator the feline, thus getting themselves eaten. The T. gondii is not the only parasite capable of mind control. Others such as the horsehair worm, the Leucochloridium paradoxim, and even the Emerald Jewel wasp have the ability to take over the minds of their host, causing them to harm themselves or others.

Half the human population is already infected with toxoplasmosa.…we just don’t know, yet. : 

Half the human population is already infected with toxoplasmosa.…we just don’t know, yet. We get it from eating contaminated meat. Yes, it is highly likely that every time you eat meat from the grocery store…it has come in contact with rat shit. Same with your fruits and veggies…yummy!

With that said… : 

With that said… Humans and rats aren’t the different really. After all we use rats to test our drugs right? And to study the human mind. All it would take is EVOLUTION… SHIT!!!

Threat level… : 

Threat level…

Neurotoxins : 

Neurotoxins Neurotoxins are poisons that slow your bodily functions to a degree described by doctors as, dead. Victims of neurotoxins can be revived to a functioning state, with use of alkaloids… …but of course you would be emotionless and have no memories. But good news! You could still eat, sleep, talk(moan), and move around a bit.

Haiti voodoo… : 

Haiti voodoo… As Megan will discuss, voodoo priests in Haiti have been doing this for years. Talk about cheap labor for the sugar plantations… …just something to think about next time you’re pouring a little sugar packet in to your coffee.

Threat level… : 

Threat level…

Rage virus as seen in 28 Days Later : 

Rage virus as seen in 28 Days Later “Rage” is a mental state that one may never truly understand before being a parent. Continual “rage” would be classified as a mental disorder, but what if a virus could cause a continuous state of rage? LIKE…

Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease. : 

Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease. aka Mad Cow Disease. Symptoms include but are not limited to; Changes in walking Hallucinations Lack of coordination Muscle twitching Myoclonic jerking or seizures Rapidly developing delirium or dementia

Remember… : 

Remember… We are just one brain chemical(serotonin) from turning in to a mindless killing machine.

Threat level… : 

Threat level…

Neurogenesis : 

Neurogenesis Today scientists are using stem cell research to regenerate dead cells. Today doctors are able to re-grow the brains of comatose head trauma patients. Today the Institutes of the Max-Planck-Society are experimenting with “reanimation research” One problem; the process kills the brain from the outside in, destroying decision making and reasoning skills first. As long as the cerebellum is in tact, we can survive. Let me explain…

Meet Miracle Mike… : 

Meet Miracle Mike… Mike holds a world record. Surviving with simply a brain stem after being beheaded, Mike lived for 18 months(without a head, lets keep in mind…pun intended) Well that’s creepy…

So… : 

So… So? Let’s pair stem cell research with Cryogenics. Re-growth of brain stem tissue + Body in suspended animation for an extended period of time

= a real life fucking zombie!!! : 

= a real life fucking zombie!!!

Threat level… : 

Threat level…

Nanobots : 

Nanobots Today a shitload of funds are being poured into nanotechnology. That is microscopic self-replicating robots that can build or destroy anything. Scientists have already created a nano-cyborg As a result discovering the cyborgs could survive up to a month following the death of it’s host.

I can haz Nanobot? : 

I can haz Nanobot? Yes! You can. Researchers at Trinity College, Hartford, CT. are currently working on nanobots which can potentially crawl in to your brain and repair damaged neural connections. Thank you, assholes…

Did you ever think that… : 

Did you ever think that… The nanobots could potentially rewire your thoughts Use you as a host And ultimately use your body to transfer itself to a new host once your body begins to fall apart. You wanna know how?

Om nom nom… : 

Om nom nom…

Threat level… : 

Threat level…

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