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What is ERP? “ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning Systems) comprises of a commercial software package that promises the seamless integration of all the information flowing through the company - financial, accounting, human resources, supply chain and customer information.” T.J. Davenport Harvard Business Rev

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Why ERP? 􀂃 In 1970s extensive computing was introduced in firms to control and monitor operations and financials 􀂃 Financial and accounting systems typically introduced first 􀂃 Additional needs created additional solutions 􀂃 Problem: Added modules used inconsistent processes, conflicting assumptions and redundant data

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Why ERP? 􀂃 More problems: 􀃠 Year 2000 􀃠 Mergers & Acquisitions 􀃠 Customer orientation 􀃠 Cost control

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ERP-architecture Source: Thomas H. Davenport. „ “Putting the Enterprise into the Enterprise System,“ Harvard Business Review, July, August 1998, p.124. Manufacturing applications Inventory + supply appl. Financial applications Central database Sales + delivery appl. Service applications HR management applications Reporting applications Managers and stakeholders Employees Customers ERP-architecture 􀂃 Central database ist developed relational

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