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Question three : 

Question three What have you learned from your audience feedback? For our audience feedback we asked them to comment on our poster and magazine front cover with the bad points and good points on the blog and we also uploaded our trailer onto “YouTube” for audience feedback.. From the audience feedback I learned that the first draft of the poster didn’t really work for most and that they didn’t feel drawn to it because of the positioning of the words on the poster. For the second poster we got good feedback as we changed the positioning of the text and people said they were drawn into it a lot more. For the third draft we had a re-shoot and used a different more effective picture where the girl is tighter in with her reflection in the mirror, as it had too much wasted space in the other picture and it didn’t look like a reflection in the mirror. We got feedback on the social networking site facebook which helped us a lot as anyone could comment it and could input their ideas. We learnt that for each of our products, the magazine and the film poster that they were both great lay outs and the pictures worked well and they were engaged. Having the feedback on a social networking site and also on our blog, helped us a lot and helped us to understand what the target audience look for in film posters and magazines.

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Comments from the blog audience feedback.