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We have emp birds for sale.


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VSP Emu Farm : 

VSP Emu Farm Kakolu, Bangalore 560089 Om

Emu Bird Facts: : 

Emu Bird Facts: Emus Birds have been in Australia for over 80 years. Emus Birds are members of the ratite family of birds, along with ostrich, rhea, cassowary and kiwi. Ratites have flat breastbones and no wing muscles, so they cannot fly. Emu Birds are censorial. They have developed strong legs for running. An emu can run 40 miles per hour for short distances. All ratites are cursorial. Emus Birds have 3 forward pointing toes; the underside of each is flat with a broad pad. Emus Birds have interesting calls, a throbbing drum (by the female) and a grunt (by the male). The chicks whistle and the male will whistle to them. The emu bird has a pad of fat on the back. Because the fat is all in one place instead of being spread throughout the body, the meat is very lean. Emu feathers are unique because both the primary and secondary feathers are the same length. Each feather has two shafts, with barbs so widely spaced that they do not interlock to form a firm vane as in most birds; instead they form a loose, hair-like body covering. Emus lay an egg every 3 to 5 days during the breeding and laying season

The Emu Farming Advantage : 

The Emu Farming Advantage Emu is a relatively simple animal to farm and easy to manage. Emu adapts to almost any climatic condition . Emu has a very low susceptibility to disease. Emu integrates well with other farming operations, i.e. horses, cattle, sheep, fruit orchards, etc. Emu require very little ground space when compared to other livestock, (15 acres easily accommodates up to 600 birds) Emu efficiently convert feed to meat yielding 18 - 25 lbs. of premium meat at a processing age of one year, which allows a quick turn over of stock for the breeder. Emu consume negligible amount in feed (approx. 700 Rs per year) resulting in a high proportion of product revenue to low maintenance cost. Emu is "the totally usable bird"; oil, meat, leather, feathers, toenail and eggshells.

Services : 

Services Selling of 3 to 25 months old genetically strong quality Emu birds. Purchase of fertilized Eggs from the customer.Agreement for a period of three years. Emu livestock management (Provide emu feed, man resources) Purchase of Emu eggs and selling Emu birds , emu oil , emu leather , emu meat. Vaccination of every emu bird which we provide for high quality of eggs. We provide emu veterinary services for prevention and treatment of diseases of Emu. Sale of birds having potential for good performance on buy back agreement basics. Provide all kind of livestock feed(turkey,chicken,cows,fish) .

Why Us : 

Why Us Transport is free if order is for more than 20 pairs. We provide labor as well. Replacement of birds if injured while transporting. Purchase of Emu eggs on basis of buy back agreement. Vaccination of every Emu bird which we provide is free. Provide EMU Feed at discount rates,

Contact Us : 

Contact Us [email protected] Prasad: +919900214520.