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Creating Avatarsfor ActiveWorlds : 

Creating Avatarsfor ActiveWorlds

Modeling your Avatar : 

Modeling your Avatar Each body part must be a separate object Arms, legs, hands, torso, pelvis, etc.

Setting up the Avatar : 

Setting up the Avatar Each body part must have its own material

Exporting the Avatar : 

Exporting the Avatar Export everything as one Wavefront .obj

Using Accutrans : 

Using Accutrans Download/Install (

Opening Model : 

Opening Model Import .obj into Accutrans

Set up Avatar : 

Set up Avatar Open avatar window Set tags for body part Build avatar hierarchy

Avatar Joints : 

Avatar Joints Set auto position for joints in the joints tab Adjust any joints if needed X - Left/Right Y - Front/Back Z - Up/Down

Applying Images : 

Applying Images Assign images to each body part Unwrap any body part that might need it (Face)

Saving : 

Saving Save with options Renderwave object (.rwx) Check “Avatar” Pick filename Save

Import into World : 

Import into World Zip up .rwx file Put .zip into avatar folder and any textures into the textures folder Add Avatar to avatar file (Next Step)

Adding SEQs : 

Adding SEQs Open in avatar folder Open avatar file in wordpad

Deciphering Code : 

Deciphering Code beginimp/endimp - general behaviors for avatar (walking, flying, waiting) beginexp/endexp - special actions for your avatar when you press a button in the ActiveWorlds browser

Creating SEQs : 

Creating SEQs Add life to your Avatars! Animate joints using Key frames 30 frames = 1 second Make your Avatar wave, walk, or even dance

Saving SEQs : 

Saving SEQs Zip SEQ file Add to SEQ folder Add SEQ file to avatar

Testing : 

Testing Clear world cache Show Downloads Right click and empty cache Select avatar from Avatar menu

Troubleshooting : 

Troubleshooting Scale - adjust the scale in the "Save with options" window in Accutrans Textures - make sure the images are in the right folder and applied to the body parts correctly Laggy - Model may need to be optimized better to have a smaller filesize

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