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CHRISTMAS Christmas started in the 4 th century Dec.25 was chosen as Christmas day because to compete With the Pagan celebration. Christmas was once against the law in Massachusetts. St.nick was bourn in Turkey.

History of Christmas:

History of Christmas Christmas is celebrated on the 25 th of December because that is the day of Jesus Christ’s birth The first man to illuminate a Christmas tree was Martin Luther. He used candles.

Symbols of Christmas:

Symbols of Christmas One symbol of Christmas is a evergreen tree that is decorated and has an angel or a star on the top. Another symbol of Christmas is mistletoe over a doorway.

Customs of Christmas Day:

Customs of Christmas Day One custom of Christmas is to wake up and find presents under your Christmas tree. Another custom celebrated by Catholics is to go to your Catholic church the day before Christmas.

Customs of Christmas Day:

Customs of Christmas Day A custom of Christmas is to hang a stocking over your fireplace if you have one. One of the customs is to exchange gifts with your family or your immediate family


Christmas by : Nicole and Britny