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Straight Down Leftover Tour : 

Straight Down Leftover Tour Commissioner Hastings calling in the scores to the LA Times…

Slide 2: 

Just another day in Paradise…

Slide 3: 

Let the games begin…

Slide 4: 

Rob ponders how lucky he was to pull the last tee time….We had to use glow balls to finish.

Slide 5: 

The Leftover Tour blimp hovers above...sending out streaming video of this annual classic

Slide 6: 

Touring pro Luke Faber and his caddy Jeff Van Kula practicing for the sudden death playoff to be held on the way out of town on the 18th hole of Corral de Tierra after dinner and wine…

Slide 7: 

Hello Mom...just calling to let you know I shot over 100 again this year but I was on the bloody winning team.

Slide 8: 

Haupt and Barringer….happy as hell to finish before dark.

Slide 9: 

Dannevik reminiscing...Remember when you cancelled on me the day of the tournament?

Slide 10: 

How can you not love this guy…?

Slide 11: 

Hastings and Bilsten sharing some porn on the new Blackberry Storm...

Slide 12: 

Lonn is thinking...man if I could have only made it on the tour I wouldn't be here with all these drunks..

Slide 13: 

It is now confirmed, Hartman laughs in his sleep....

Slide 14: 

Did you hear the story about the gay Canadian?

Slide 15: 

What is it with you Canadians anyway....

Slide 16: 

Is that Calamari or is Rowley smoking a joint…

Slide 17: 

You be the judge….

Slide 18: 

Life is good...

Slide 19: 

Dannevick wondering when it's going to be his turn to color...

Slide 20: 

Thanks Jeff for making sure the real winners got paid...

Slide 21: 

Eat your hearts out boys, I am staying over and playing Monterey Peninsula…

Slide 22: 

The Blues Brothers…

Slide 23: 

Isn’t this sweet….

Slide 24: 

Thanks for the cover…

Slide 25: 

Low gross and low net in the same picture....thanks Luke for that fantastic array of wine.

Slide 26: 

I think this was taken right before the wet tee shirt competition...

Slide 27: 

And the winner of the wet tee shirt contest is....

Slide 28: 

Pineau enjoys some Pinot...

Slide 29: 

Rob and his Blackberry...He just uses Vintage as a front to launder all his stock market profits.

Slide 30: 

Salem nods off right in the middle of Rudnick's punch line..

Slide 31: 

These guys are wired…

Slide 32: 


Slide 33: 

Do you know why they named it bloody golf? Because fuck was already taken.

Slide 34: 

Hastings wonders why the hell he did all this work just for a bunch of drunks…

Slide 35: 

Faber getting ready to head out for the playoff at Corral de Tierra.

Slide 36: 

Directions to Corral de Tierra…

Slide 37: 

Another way to get to Corral de Tierra…

Slide 38: 

Hughes and Hartman on the way home...total entertainment package as Mr. low net looks on. Hartman is describing what his wife is in for when he gets home…

Slide 39: 

Thank God for designated drivers....cheers Lott.

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