The Chinitas Fairs

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The Chinita’s Fairs : 

The Chinita’s Fairs

The people in my life : 

The people in my life My best friends My name is Sandra Subero I am married I am culminating the eighth trimester of education

Chinita’s Day : 

Chinita’s Day Maracaibo Families are very catholic Streets are decorated by the community The families of Maracaibo

Foods and Drinks of fairs : 

Foods and Drinks of fairs fast or junk food is in the fair. buttery, oily, salty, bland and sour drinks.

In security : 

In security catch a criminals solve the case Car jacking Many unsolved cases or injustice Venezuelan Polimaracaibo

Trends and styles : 

Trends and styles buy hats, cowboy jeans, squared shirts and boots.

That errands you do fairs : 

That errands you do fairs take a taxi I go to the bank I get my tickets go at sambil I go to the Basilica I go bulls leave for the stadium go dance in ternera

Chinita’s Day : 

The virgin visit some universities in the city Chinita’s Day

Reflexion : 

Reflexion With this level 5, you can learn with the teacher, working with Bloogs, research, new ways to listen in English and pronunciations, is the highest level of English that I liked a lot of interaction between student and teacher ... Looking for the best way to learn a language. English classes