Putting Web 2.0 to Work

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Putting Web 2.0 to Work Web 2.0 :

Putting Web 2.0 to Work Web 2.0

About Socialtext:

About Socialtext Founded in 2002, first vendor in the Enterprise 2.0 market Gartner #1 Visionary: Team Collaboration and Social Software Offices in Palo Alto, NYC, London 5,000+ customers worldwide Social Networking connected with Collaboration as a Service

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Wikis & Blogs Social Networks Dashboards & Widgets What People Expect, When They Work Micro-blogging

What can they tools do at work?:

What can they tools do at work? How do these apply in the business world? Photo Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jbalazs/724615669/

Enterprise 2.0:

Enterprise 2.0 Freeform Social Software Adapted for Organizations S earch L inking T agging E xtensions S ignals Organizations Are Made Of People

Enterprise 2.0:

Enterprise 2.0 Social Intranets Social Extranets Social Media

Patterns are Evolving:

Patterns are Evolving Enterprise 1.0 Enterprise 2.0 Document-centric People-centric Structured Freeform Taxonomy Folksonomy Folders Tagging Knowledge Management Knowledge Sharing Need-to-know Need-to-share One-to-many Many-to-many Centralized Distributed Top down Emergent Heavyweight Lightweight Rigid Flexible Long time-to-market cycles Short time-to market cycles

Search Isn’t the Answer:

Search Isn’t the Answer The average employee spends 1 day/week searching for people and information Search provides results, not answers Discovery, however, provides answers, sometimes from people. And context.

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How do our employees know what needs time and attention? Photo Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jbalazs/724615669/

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How do we work together to make the group productive? Photo Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/wheatfields/116810137

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How do we efficiently share information, questions and context with the people in your company?

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How do our people discover connections, knowledge and experts? Photo Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/salendron/947936275/

Near Time:

Near Time Social Messaging New, and near real-time Ideas spread like wildfire Organizations move faster New Old Asynchronous Real Time

Human Resourcefulness:

Human Resourcefulness Are your humans resourceful? TransUnion saved $2.5m in 5 months with Socialtext, CTO estimates $5-8m in 2009 How? People working together to solve their own problems

Social Software Platform:

Social Software Platform Socialtext Dashboard Personalized and customizable widget-based dashboard -- manage your attention efficiently and effectively Socialtext Workspace Wiki Workspaces and Collaborative Weblogs flexible collaboration to participate, re-use and create faster Socialtext People Social networking for employees, partners & customers -- discover connections, knowledge and experts Socialtext Signals Social Messaging -- Share links, Q&A and context


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