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Is Economic Globalization Good For Humankind?:

Is Economic Globalization Good For Humankind? By Elizabeth Zuckerman

What Is Globalization?:

What Is Globalization?

How Is Globalization Taking Place Today?:

How Is Globalization Taking Place Today? TECHNOLOGY!!!

What Is ECONOMIC Globalization?:

What Is ECONOMIC Globalization?

What Does This Mean?:

What Does This Mean?

PowerPoint Presentation:

Economic Globalization has been taking place year after year for the past thousand years however, today concern surrounding this hot topic is more prominent than ever .

Why So Concerned Now?:

Why So Concerned Now?

Why The Change in Rate?:

Why The Change in Rate?

Is This A Bad Thing??:

Is This A Bad Thing??

Positives of Economic Globalization…:

Positives of Economic Globalization…

Negatives Of Economic Globalization…:

Negatives Of Economic Globalization…

As A Manager Should I be Worried About Economic Globalization?:

As A Manager Should I be Worried About Economic Globalization?

Ummm Yea!:

Ummm Yea! Globalization will costs American jobs Globalization will create tough Competition Globalization will raise manufacturing costs Globalization will destroy employee, employer relationships Oh…it will COST AMERICAN JOBS

Solutions to Avoid Economic Globalization::

Solutions to Avoid Economic Globalization: Upgrade product quality Technological development to improve efficiency Upgrade research and development Switch to aggressive marketing policies Create strong employee and employer relationship and loyalty.

Employee, Employer Relationships:

Employee, Employer Relationships A strategic management group is essential in making sure that work production is of the highest quality Companies should hold a motto of continuous innovation. Successful relationships can only be achieved through employee training, involvement and rewards. Employee relations should consist of the following values… How the organization works Required Skills Compensation and pay Job security Labor management issues

PowerPoint Presentation:

“I live in the United States. We have walked on the moon, developed the atom bomb, produced the computer, and made countless other achievements . Across the oceans there are people in the jungle who spend most of their time hunting with blowguns. It's what they do to survive. Have these people made contributions to the world? Most certainly. Just one example. How many drugs to treat various diseases have come from these jungles ? We might never have discovered them if it weren't for observing what these local people use for medicine and how they deal with various ailments. Do you see now, the strength of diversity? ”- Herman E. Daly

Is Economic Globalization Good For Humankind?:

Is Economic Globalization Good For Humankind?