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What is Persuasion? : 

What is Persuasion? By: Matt Grecu

Persuasion : 

Persuasion Communication intended to Induce belief or action. Form of Social influence Change ones own belief True persuasion is getting people to follow through rather than just making an uncertain decision

Pros on Persuasion! : 

Pros on Persuasion! The Pros of Persuasion are that it allows you to change your mindset of one thing to something that might be better in the long run. For Example all advertisements are all using persuasion to get their point across to the consumer so they will by their product.

Cons on Persuasion! : 

Cons on Persuasion! Persuasion can be a good thing at times but it can just as well be bad. Sometimes when people are trying to persuade you to do something it can not be the right choice for you. For Example if someone is trying to sell you a television that is way over priced and they are telling you that is the best deal around and it really isn’t that is a con of persuading, because most likely the persuasion will work or wont work.

Persuasion and Children : 

Persuasion and Children Children tend to be the worst when it comes to persuasion due to the fact that they usually want everything and don’t know when to say no. Examples Commercials Other children Television Comics

Persuasion and Teenagers : 

Persuasion and Teenagers Teenagers tend not to let persuasion affect them as much as children do, but it still plays a large part in there everyday lives. Teenagers tend to have to deal with the hardest persuasion when it comes to alcohol and drugs. 50.68% of teenagers drink alcohol 42% of teenagers do drugs

Persuasion and Adults : 

Persuasion and Adults When you become an adult persuasion does not affect you as much like when you were a teenager or a child. Adults have the way they do things already engraved in there brains that it is actually harder for people to persuade adults to change the way they live or the way they do things.

Persuasion and the Brain… : 

Persuasion and the Brain… Persuasion in the brain takes place with the Communicator. It effects the high expertise of the Communicator In the brain it is located in the middle with all the other types of behaviors and the Communicator.

How does Persuasion effect you? : 

How does Persuasion effect you? Do you do what people say is the right thing to do? Do you persuade people to do what you do? Do you think that persuasion is more of a good thing or a bad thing? How has persuasion effected your life?

Persuasion Review! : 

Persuasion Review! Persuasion is a form of social influence. Usual is hardest for teenagers. Is located in the middle of your brain. Has its Pros and Cons. Takes place in our day to day lives.