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The History of Music Video’s : 

The History of Music Video’s Abi Martin Video did indeed, kill the radio star and the pioneering of the modern day music video in the 80’s was innovative and at the time were known as ‘MTV’s’ as MTV is the network that began airing them as a main feature. Before this period, publishers: Edward B. Marks and Joe Stern began putting a series of still images to their song in the late 1800’s for promotion purposes. And the music video was known as an ‘illustrated song’ However the true beginning of music video’s was down to the Beatles, who began the phenomenon of the music video.

Early Music Video’sThe Beatles: : 

Early Music Video’sThe Beatles: Early music based film productions were revolutionary, and began with such features as ‘help’ began the colourful exciting video’s we see today The Beatles then began making promotional video’s for their albums and singles, and were broadcast mainly in the USA. This initiated other bands such as the Byrds and the rolling stones beginning to make ‘promotional video’s’

1970’s : 

1970’s In the late 60’s, Bob Dylan’s subterranean homesick blues was matched with no ‘narrative or performance based aspects’ The main purpose of Music video’s in this era were usually for band’s who were not available to appear live Pink Floyd became then became pioneers in producing promotional music video’s. Following their success bands such as -The who -the moody blues -the small faces -The doors -The rolling stones -the carpenters And finishing the 70’s were some of David Bowie’s music video’s which were a big stepping stone in the development of the music video’s

1980’s : 

1980’s The 1980’s began ‘music television’ Including ‘countdown’, ‘sounds’ and ‘MTV’ Ironically the Buggles ‘video killed the radio star’ became the first music video played on MTV. The UK phenomenon ‘top of the pops’ launched Queen launched a video to their song bohemian rhapsody Two innovations in the development of the modern music video were easy to use video recording and editing equipment, and visual effects created with techniques such as image compositing.

1990’s : 

1990’s Video effects and unusual visual styles and sophisticated genre’s came into place Music video’s began having a storyline or a plot Focusing on the artist in the video became popular The development of computer graphics meant visuals became more unusual ‘The chart show’ was launched, this consisted of the exhibition of music video’s The hip hop music genre began developing it’s own style of music video.

2000’s : 

2000’s The 2000’s brought about the ‘music video director’ Janet and Michael Jacksons $7 million dollar budget music video ‘scream’ was released Music video’s became popular on the internet, and this became a main format for exhibition Weezers ‘pork and beans’ was released, this became an internet phenomenon The rise of apple, itunes and youtube took of, and the music video is the most common form of music promotion!

All time classics : 

All time classics Michael Jackson –Thriller Aha - Take on me Peter Gabriel – Sledgehammer Michael and Janet Jackson - scream Voted the most influential pop video of all time Guinness world record listed as the most successful music video of all time The video won six awards, and was nominated for two, at the MTV Video Music Awards. won nine MTV Video Music Awards, and in 2010. It is still ranked as number four on MTV's 100 Greatest Music Videos Ever Made At a cost of $ 7 million, it was listed in the Guinness World Records as the most expensive music video ever made

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