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Distractions and How They Affect The Brain : 

Distractions and How They Affect The Brain By: Travis McCormick

Types Of Distraction : 

Types Of Distraction The two most common types of distractions are Electronic Distractions and Active Distractions.

Electronic Distractions : 

Electronic Distractions Distractions come in many different shapes and sizes.Technology is a huge distraction in today’s society. There are a million things that go on at one time Phone Calls Texting Music

Active Distractions : 

Active Distractions Active Distractions are ones that catch our attention and make us aware of them because they are not normal to us. EX: You drop your “devil” child off with a new babysitter, later that night you go to pick him/her up and the babysitter says that he/she was an angel and had no problems. Your confused right? Why is your child so bad for you, but is so good for them? The reason is because your kid is used to you at home and knows the ropes when with you, when they are with somebody else they are just trying to get to know them and are distracted by all of the new things.

There are 5 easy ways to get rid of Distractions : 

There are 5 easy ways to get rid of Distractions

Step 1 Analyze Your Interruption : 

Step 1 Analyze Your Interruption If you see a potential distraction, improve your situation by removing the object of distraction or remove your self from the area. Try and avoid the situations where you know that there will be distractions.

Step 2Do Not Self Interrupt : 

Step 2Do Not Self Interrupt Do not work in a crowded work space, allow your self plenty of space and time to finish what you need to do. Turn electronics off and away, do not allow other work to distract you.

Step 3Predict Distractions : 

Step 3Predict Distractions Distractions can come in unpredictable moments. You know when someone is coming to visit, or when you have a meeting or even when your waiting on an important phone call. Never set your self up for failure know what is going on and work when you are free.

Step 4 Learn To Say No : 

Step 4 Learn To Say No It happens to everyone, the second you sit down to do something someone will call you and ask you to do something. You have to be able to say no politely and have the determination to finish the work.

Step 5Finish Quickly : 

Step 5Finish Quickly The longer it takes you to do something the more distractions you will encounter. The faster you get your stuff finished the less things that can distract you. Break your work into pieces and finish each step without getting distracted.

How Distractions Affect The Brain : 

How Distractions Affect The Brain Most people find that they get more easily distracted when they are doing something they do not enjoy. When you are bored or doing something that your do not want to do, your brain is very active and is looking for things to do which means that you are more easily distracted. When you are doing something that your enjoy, your brain is concentrated on that one object and you put all your focus on that one thing which in turns leaves less room to be distracted.

Ill Affects Of Distractions : 

Ill Affects Of Distractions Everyday millions of people get distracted, many in the work place. The average person in the work place gets distracted for about 2.1 hours daily, which in turn cost the U.S. economy $588 billion a year. 60% of early teens in the U.S. score below the most basic problem solving. 1 in 10 kids have ADHD in U.S. today

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