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Something Interesting : 

Something Interesting By: Katie Haire A PRESENTATION ON…

The Mantis Shrimpthe shrimp from mars : 

The Mantis Shrimpthe shrimp from mars

The Mantis Shrimp : 

The Mantis Shrimp Neither a shrimp OR a mantis! Can reach 12 inches long. Mantis shrimp sport powerful claws that they use to attack and kill prey by spearing, stunning or dismemberment. Come in a variety of colors! There have been reports of breaking aquarium glass.

The Mantis Shrimp : 

The Mantis Shrimp Most species live in sub-tropical or tropical oceans, but some are temperate. Burrowing animal. 400 species have been identified worldwide. Have the most advanced eyes in the animal kingdom!

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Mantis shrimp see with Circular Polarized Vision. They have been evolving for 500 million years. No other animal sees with this type of vision. -Can detect over 100,000 colors (10x humans)

Circular Polarized Vision : 

Circular Polarized Vision Experiments have been done to prove the shrimps see in CPV. CPV could be used to detect skin cancer in humans. Satellites and radio signals currently rely on CPL to help with communication. Could someday be used in cell phones to improve signal.

EATING mantis shrimps?? : 

EATING mantis shrimps?? Popular in Japanese, Mediterannian and Cantonese cuisine. Called “pissing shrimp” because it shoots water when picked up. Has the texture of lobster as opposed to shrimp – tough to crack shell to eat.

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