Pleasure & Fear

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Pleasure & Fear : 

Pleasure & Fear By: Alyssa Hebert

Pleasure : 

Pleasure Definition: The state or feeling of being pleased. What does pleasure affect? Pleasure can affect different bodies in many different ways (Depending on your pleasure.) If your on a prescription drug or even an illegal drug, your being affected to the point where you have to take that substance to be satisfied.

Fear : 

Fear Definition : a distressing emotion by impending danger, evil, pain, etc. whether the threat is real or imagined; the feeling or condition of being afraid. What does fear affect? Fear affects our entire bodies. It can stress you out and make you not have your full potential energy. Being afraid can cause you to not be able to sleep, eat, or do your normal activities. Some researchers even say fear can make you age faster because of the stress build up.

What part of the brain do these effect? : 

What part of the brain do these effect? Pleasure Fear

How they effect the Brain : 

How they effect the Brain

Pleasure and Dopamine : 

Pleasure and Dopamine Three studies have noticed how chemicals and chemical levels can effect your thoughts, feelings and behavior through dopamine. Similar to adrenaline which controls movement, emotional response, and pleasure with pain. Drugs that influence dopamine are cocaine, caffeine, and nicotine. Science Daily (Nov. 15, 2009) — Enhancing the effects of the brain chemical dopamine influences how people make life choices by affecting expectations of pleasure, according to new research from the UCL Institute of Neurology.

Different Pleasures/Fears : 

Different Pleasures/Fears

What causes pleasure anyway? : 

What causes pleasure anyway? The the Ventral Tegmental Area gets the information that you accomplished something and sends an electric jolt to the Nucleus Accumbens which senses pleasure into your entire body. For example when you reached your goal at the gym, so you treat yourself to a little sweet desert.

What can cause Fear? : 

What can cause Fear? Fear can come to a person in many ways. There are people who are afraid of anything from spiders to balloons. The Brain senses fear and releases a chemical almost like adrenaline rushing through your body which can cause anxiety, stress, or even in some conditions fatal illnesses. Fear can take over your body especially if you have phobia's. Having a phobia means that you are so scared of something you hate for someone to even be talking about it. You start blowing things out of proportion and soon that one phobia is taking over your entire life…and your brain allows it.

Negative sides of Pleasure? : 

Negative sides of Pleasure? In 2010 magazine “USA Health” had an article stating that pleasures could have a positive and negative effect on the body, but mostly negative. This article is focusing on genders and the amount of dopamine is released into ones body creating a great feeling…Whatever your pleasure may be, rather its alcohol, drugs, or even sex. In the writing it states how harmful alcohol and drugs can be to ones body already, but those things trigger the dopamine and makes it ten times worse for the body. This issue is more common in males than it is females. Its scary to know that pleasure can turn into fearful things…and that’s where pleasure/fear is tied together.

Works Cited : 

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