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Jack Kerouacand the Beat Generation : 

Jack Kerouacand the Beat Generation

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mid 1950s

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mid 1950s 1960s

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materialism militarism

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materialism militarism consumerism

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materialism militarism consumerism conformity

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spontaneity individual freedom

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“John, this

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“John, this is

Slide 29: 

“John, this is really

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“John, this is really a

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“John, this is really a beat

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“John, this is really a beat generation.”

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That’s it!

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That’s it! You’re

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That’s it! You’re right!

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So how did Kerouac use this as a writing style?

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spontaneity individual freedom

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Kerouac not writing.

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Kerouac not writing. (Obviously.)

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(Not energetic.)

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(Not energetic.) (Or lively.)

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