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SAFETEA-LU System Management and Operations Key Provisions : 

SAFETEA-LU System Management and Operations Key Provisions Jeff Lindley Office of Operations Federal Highway Administration U.S. Department of Transportation NTOC Webcast September 14, 2005

Agenda – SAFETEA-LU : 

Agenda – SAFETEA-LU System Management and Operations Related Provisions Congestion Mitigation ITS Freight

Key Congestion Mitigation Elements : 

Key Congestion Mitigation Elements Congestion Management Real Time Information ITS

Congestion Management : 

Congestion Management Funding NHS, STP Funding CMAQ Funding and Eligibility Highways for Life High Priority Projects

Congestion Management : 

Congestion Management Tolling (1604) Continues Value Pricing Program (1604(a)) $59 million in new funding, including $12 million for projects not involving tolls 15 States (14 existing) New Express Lanes Demonstration Projects (1604(b)) Focused on managing congestion No separate funds 15 projects 80% Federal share DOT to establish interoperability requirement for automatic toll collection

Congestion Management : 

Congestion Management HOV Facilities (1121) States permitted to create HOT lanes. States can permit low emission/energy efficient vehicles to use HOV lanes. Low emission/energy efficient vehicles may be tolled (not at full rate). Performance monitoring required. High level of service must continue to be provided.

Congestion Management : 

Congestion Management Research Surface Transportation Congestion Relief Solutions (5502) $36 million over 4 years for research $3 million over 4 years for training and technical assistance Focus on: Congestion measurement and reporting Effective congestion relief strategies Future Strategic Highway Research Program (5210) $205 million over 4 years for research Managed by National Academy of Sciences Four focus areas, including: Improving reliability

Real-Time Information : 

Real-Time Information Real-Time Systems Management Information Program (1201) Establish capability in all States to provide real time: Monitoring of traffic conditions Sharing of information Purpose – ease congestion, improve response to severe weather, accidents, and other incidents; and enhanced security To be included in regional ITS architectures Eligible for funding under NHS, STP, and CMAQ DOT to establish data exchange formats within 2 years 511 Deployment Goal (full deployment by 2010)

Real-Time Information : 

Real-Time Information Transportation Technology Innovative Demonstration Program (5508) Extension of Intelligent Transportation Infrastructure Program established by TEA-21. Twenty-two new eligible cities. Existing contract with Mobility Technologies will be completed. Must create and compete new program to use uncommitted and any new appropriated funds. Solicitation of interest in program to be released around October 1.

ITS : 

ITS Funding Mainstreamed throughout Federal-aid program Eligible under NHS, STP, and CMAQ NEPA categorical exclusion ITS Deployment funds in 2005 only CVISN deployment Focus of many high priority projects

ITS : 

ITS High Priority Projects (examples) ITS Expansion – PA Turnpike - $6.5 million ITS Enhancement – Greensboro, NC - $10 million ITS Implementation – Baltimore, MD - $1.1 million ITS Implementation – Lafayette, LA - $8.8 million ITS Statewide – Nebraska - $1.0 million And lots more ITS, signal system, traffic flow, freight management….

ITS : 

ITS Commercial Vehicle Information Systems and Networks (CVISN) (4126) $100 million over 4 years 50/50 match required (80% Federal maximum) Core Deployment $2.5 million per State for: Safety information exchange Interstate credentials Electronic screening Expanded Deployment $1.0 million per State for: Safety Productivity security

ITS : 

ITS Research and Development (5301-5310) Program reauthorized and expanded $550 million over 5 years Road weather - $20 million (5308) I-95 Corridor - $35 million (5211) Rural and Interstate Corridor Communications Study - $3 million (5507) New advisory committee required New program plan required Legislation silent on ITS JPO

Key Freight Elements : 

Key Freight Elements Freight Programs Freight-related Programs Freight Financing Research and Education

Freight Programs : 

Freight Programs Intermodal Distribution Pilot Grants (1306) Provides funding to address infrastructure and freight distribution needs at inland ports and intermodal freight facilities $30 million all earmarked Truck Parking Facilities (1305) Pilot program to address CMV long-term parking shortage on NHS Includes construction of new facilities, modifying existing facilities, ITS $25 million discretionary funds

Freight Programs : 

Freight Programs National Corridor Infrastructure Improvement Program (1302) Funds construction of highway projects in corridors of national significance Focus on international and interregional trade $1.9 billion all earmarked

Freight-related Programs : 

Freight-related Programs Projects of National and Regional Significance (1301) Provides grants to States for projects that will generate benefits at the national or regional level $1.8 billion all earmarked Both passenger and freight Benefits Improved economic productivity More efficient international trade Congestion relief Improved safety

Freight-Related Programs : 

Freight-Related Programs Coordinated Border Infrastructure Program (1303) Includes passenger and freight travel $833 million formula program Transportation improvements (1934) High priority projects (1701)

Freight Financing : 

Freight Financing Transportation Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act (TIFIA) (1601) Tax-exempt Financing of Highway Projects and Rail Truck Transfer Facilities (Private Activity Bonds) (11-1143) Capital Grants for Rail Line Relocation Projects (9002) Rehabilitation and Improvement Financing (9003)

Freight Research and Training : 

Freight Research and Training National Cooperative Freight Transportation Research Program (5209) $15 million over 4 years Administered by the National Academy of Sciences Broad advisory committee Broad research agenda Freight Planning Capacity Building Program (5204h) $3.5 million over 4 years Goals: Target investments Strengthen decisionmaking capacity

Implications of SAFETEA-LU on Management and Operations : 

Implications of SAFETEA-LU on Management and Operations More $ Increases focus on congestion relief Creates opportunities Managed lanes Real-time information Interoperability Maintains strong ITS R&D program Significantly expands attention to freight needs Funds congestion-related RD&T; but not day-to-day operations RD&T (e.g., MUTCD)

For More Information : 

For More Information SAFETEA-LU: Management and Operations, ITS and Freight:

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