How has technology changed the way we communicate

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How has technology changed the way we communicate? : 

Technology Skills Module 6 Web 2.0 LME 537 Fall 2010 Karena Cross How has technology changed the way we communicate?

Communication : 

Communication Means of communication has changed drastically throughout the years. From the pony express to video conferencing with people around the world. With the help of various types of technology, the world has become even more proficient in the ways the world can communicate.

Pony Express : 

Between 1860-1861 the Pony Express was founded. According to iourneys were done to deliver letters that were written on tissue paper. The cost of delivering was approximately $5 for 1,800 miles. Pony Express

Telephone : 

Many believe that Alexander Graham Bell should be credited for the invention of the telephone. However, according to Bellis, Mr. Bell had some competition from Elisha Gray. The two men both tried to get a patent on the telephone. According to this source Bell won in 1870. Telephone

First radio signal to cross Atlantic Ocean : 

According to in 1902 Guglielmo Marconi was able to create a radio transmission from Cornwall to Newfoundland. It is not certain as to when the first radio transmission was ever made. By 1916 radios were made that could be tuned to different stations. First radio signal to cross Atlantic Ocean

First television : 

Television broadcasts were available in 1927 in England, and 1930 in the United States. The first televisions were in black and white. However, John Logie Baird kept experimenting until he was able to make enough progress to help the movement towards color. First television

Computers : 

Computers were used by the government in as early as the 1940’s. However, they were not sold commercially until the 1950’s. From Apple to IBM, the computer technology was just beginning. Computers

Cell phones : 

First cell phone was in 1979. They became more popular and used in cars by 1985. Cell phones

Technology and communication : 

These are just a few ways that technology has helped types of communication to evolve. This effects people and cultures in different ways. The important thing to remember with technology changing the world around us so rapidly is that it is just a matter of how well we can adapt to that change. Choosing to not embrace the advances will not make them disappear, it will only cause senseless stress. Knowledge is power. With the technology of the world today, it is so easy and efficient to find all that we need with a few simple clicks of either a mouse on a home computer or even on our cell phones. Students of today should have opportunities to explore new technologies on a regular basis in order to keep up with the world around them. Technology and communication

References : 

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