The Emotional State of a College Student

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The Emotional State of a College Student : 

The Emotional State of a College Student Shantera L. Rice

Different Emotions of a college student : 

Different Emotions of a college student Fear Happiness Love Stress

Stress : 

Stress College students are found to be the most stressed adults. Studies show that 75% to 80% of college students are mildly stressed. 10% to 12% are highly stressed College students feel overwhelmed at times

The transition : 

The transition High school to college is a big transition. College challenges students to be independent, responsible, and gives them the opportunity to become an adult.

Transition cont. : 

Transition cont. During transition period, students receive positive and negative feedback on modifying their goals Eventually college students find their foundation and establish what their future goals are.

Reasons of Stress : 

Reasons of Stress Common Stress factors of a college student is Academics and finances such as difficult tests, studying, schedule issues, and being able to pay for school. Also social challenges especially for an college freshman such as living with an roommate, balancing friends and school work.

Ways of Coping Stress : 

Ways of Coping Stress Make a list of what you need to get done for the next day the night before. If your stressed about your assignments GET HELP!!! Talk to your instructor about your difficult assignments.

Coping Cont. : 

Coping Cont. Another helpful hint in coping with stress is to GO TO CLASS!! Missing classes doesn’t have you situation just makes thing worse. Studies have shown that students who have zero absents are likely to have good grades

Slide 9: 

Listening to music can help with relieving your stress because it relaxes you and can take your mind off things. Choose the right courses, don’t overwhelm yourself with hard classes in one semester.

Slide 10: 

Try to find balance in work and play. College is an great experience don’t spend all your time working and not enjoying your experience. Even though college is a real scary time in your life. Don’t be over come by the stress. Even thought the early mornings and late nights are stressful it all pays off in the future.

Sources : 

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Sources Cont. : 

Sources Cont. Dealing with Stress During College Coping with college The Emotions of College

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