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Kelompok 4 English Business Ahmed Syarif Ahmad Farih Rani Fatmawati Hanna Lestari

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Background of the problem Muller Sales Representative Ambitious Competitive Promise Custemer pressure Cann’t Meet custemer Commission Basic Salary Forget send written follow up Keep information Aggressive

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Peterson Sales Representative Keep Custemer Happy Build Up Good Custemer Meet Custemer Not promise Send written follow up Higher basic salary Share information Co-operate Not pressure

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MAKE A NEW AGREEMENT Erase Promise Custemer Happy Satisfied Send Report Provide to Written Follow up Co-operate Share Information solution

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Fast Track Company Profile

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Background of the company Fast Track Leading Networking events Reseach company Focuses on top performing Entrepreneurs Publishes

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Background Of The Problem Sales Motivated Staff Turnover A Few Sales Contract No Clear Strategy

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Conclution And Solution Joana Pele Strong Personality Energetic Confidence Aggressife Good Knowladge Of Computing Best Sales Result

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