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Zilla Mania

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If I could show you a way to earn $3,000 a month in residual income, would you be interested? Zilla Mania

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The energy drink industry is a 9 billion dollar a year industry projected to be a 50 billion dollar a year industry by the end of this decade. 15% of all people in the United States consume energy drinks on a daily basis. The r the other don’t . . . The reason the other 85% don’t . . .

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They were all unhealthy . . .

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. . .Until Now

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First ever healthy, all natural, food-based energy drink

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Green Tea Extracts Blue-green Algae Extract No Added Sugar No Artificial Sweeteners No Synthetic Caffeine No Sodium Benzoate

Do you use energy drinks? : 

Do you use energy drinks? Would you rather spend money using energy drinks, or MAKE money using energy drinks? Do you know anyone who uses energy drinks?

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All you have to do to start earning $3,000 a month within 8 weeks is find two people anywhere in the U.S. to redirect their spending. Instead of consuming unhealthy energy drinks, they switch to the only healthy energy drink that provides all-natural energy in a food base. Best tasting energy drink ever and only $1.32 a serving.

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“If you can take a product that many people use and make it better and charge less, you are guaranteed success.” W. Clement Stone Famous Billionaire

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Zilla Mania Getting started Enroll and get your FREE Web site $40 Order minimum of one case of Zilla 40 bottles $3.95 a bottle 3 servings per bottle $1.32 per serving $159 $199 Total Cost (get back in first 28 days):

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Give ten away! Drink one a day . . . Duplication Model

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You Week 1 = $60 2 new people Week 2 = $30 Week 3 = $40 Week 4 = $80 4 new people 8 new people 16 new people 30 total people Total = $210 Duplication Model Month One

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Give ten away! Drink one a day . . . Duplication Model

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You 16 Week 5 = $160 32 new people Week 6 = $500 Week 7 = $1,000 Week 8 = $1,840 128 new people 64 new people 256 new people 510 total people Total = $3,500 16 You You You 128 64 128 64 32 32 Duplication Model Month Two

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Earn up to $3,000/wk Personally Enroll 3 Why stop at two? Earn up to $2,000/wk Earn up to $5,000/wk Earn up to $7,500/wk Earn up to $20,000/wk Personally Enroll 4 Personally Enroll 5 Personally Enroll 6 Personally Enroll 7

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Zilla Mania “There is nothing that you can do over the next two years that has the ability to pay you over the next 20 years like active, aggressive participation in our company.” Eddie Freeman, Author of The Mechanics of Wealth

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