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CAREER Planning and management

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“Great careers are built upon hundreds of thousands of small efforts, undertaken daily, that eventually grow into a series of satisfying wins”. - Paul Masson Vineyards

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CAREER??? “A chosen pursuit: a profession or occupation.” “It is the sum total of all the work you have done and will do in your life time.”

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HOW TO CHOOSE A CAREER… A person’s choice of career should revolve around one’s orientation in life , which comprise three factors; SKILLS INTEREST VALUES

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This presentation will help you in planning your career by: Understanding where you are Deciding where you want to be Making the changes and Adjustment necessary to get there CAREER PLANNING

Understanding Yourself : 

Understanding Yourself What is the kind of work I like to do? What activities give me the most satisfaction? What is the environment in which I would like to work? What kind of People do I like to work with? What kind of abilities do I want to build on?

Key Questions? : 

Key Questions? What motivates you? What is your idea of an ‘ideal’ job? What makes you excited? What kind of job would be most fulfilling? What kind of work should you stay away from? Where are you weak? Where should you change or improve?

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S - Specific (as detailed as possible) M - Measurable A - Achievable R - Relevant (to you) T - Time bound (give it a deadline) YOUR CAREER GOAL MUST BE SMART

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Don’t rely on this… But feel free to make your own luck

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Think About it!!! People often invest more time in Planning their Vacation, other than Planning their Career

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How to Move into Management & IT : 

How to Move into Management & IT Where do you want to be this next year ? Five year from Now ? Not just dollars / Rupees , but big picture … Professionally … Management ? Executive-level Management ? Team Leader ? Is your plan in place (written) ? Are you working your plan


Sales Management Buying & Merchandising Marketing Human Resources Business Development Store Design & Planning Product Development Logistics Finance & Accounting Information Management Franchising New Venture Start-up Consulting CAREER OPPORTUNITIES IN MANAGEMENT


Hardware Jobs Networking Software jobs Enterprise Recourse Planning Web Option IT-Centric Option Operation Jobs Marketing Jobs Entrepreneur Web Developer CAREER OPPORTUNITIES IN IT

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For details contact: SUN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES(SIMS) SUN CAMPUS,NAVKAR,UNIVERSITY ROAD, UDAIPUR-313001, RAJASTHAN,INDIA Ph:+91 294 2417070,094141 56570 Email: [email protected] THANK YOU