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Postmodernism : 

Postmodernism Praveen Kumar Bodakunta BSN

Objectives : 

Objectives The student will be able to: Recall the postmodernism. Apply the postmodernism in his/her teaching. Evaluate the strengths and drawbacks of the postmodernism. Participate in discussions related to postmodernism.

Who? : 

Who? History -Origin Martin Heidegger Friedrich Nietzsche “Life-affirmation” Jaques Derrida-Deconstruction. Martin Heidegger

What? : 

What? Movement against modernism. Skepticism. Pluralism–diversity-tolerance. “What’s true for you may not be true for me”

Define : 

Define “Incredulity towards metanarratives” (Jean-François Lyotard) The ONLY ABSOLUTE TRUTH is that there are NO ABSOLUTE TRUTHS. (Feyerabend)

Characteristics-Overview : 

Lack of absolutes Truth and error are synonymous Self rationalization No authority- no more rules Disillusionment with modernism Celebration of otherness Morality is personal Globalization Characteristics-Overview

Gen x- Education : 

Gen x- Education Learning centered envt Teacher-student relationship Shift in the responsibilities Schools Focus on student change

Nursing Education : 

Nursing Education Empirical basis Solid foundation for education Faith and trust in patient

Responsibility : 

Responsibility NURSE EDUCATOR- no imposing, every student is unique, no way is the only way, success of the student. STUDENT- critical thinking, learning by living.

Strengths-Drawbacks : 


Existentialism vs Postmodernism : 

Existentialism vs Postmodernism


UNITY 1. 2. Secular values and traditions doesn’t matter 3. Personal judgment


DIVERSITY Search Discipline Coercion Rationality

Conclusion : 

Conclusion Postmodernism suggests a person to change from time to time, but it’s a failure to understand the true knowledge of reality.

References : 

References Robin usher and Richard Edwards (1994) Postmodernism and Education Calinescu and Fokkema (1987) Exploring Postmodernism CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS (2004) The Cambridge Companion to Postmodernism



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