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Providence Computers : 

Providence Computers 1421 Kempsville Road Suite B Chesapeake, VA 23320

Who We Are: : 

Who We Are: Providence Computers is a full service computer repair shop. Providence Computers sells new and used Computers, Laptops, and Computer Components Providence Computers provides onsite service to your home or business.

Who We Are: : 

Who We Are: Providence Computers sells and installs servers based on Windows Server 2003 / 2008 and Linux Providence Computers can run phone, network, and coaxial cable in homes and businesses Providence Computers designs and maintains websites.

Some of our staff: : 

Some of our staff:

Our Store and Vehicles : 

Our Store and Vehicles

History : 

History Providence Computers was opened by Mike Karslake 21 years ago. The company operated out of his home for several years before moving to our first commercial location at Juniper Crescent in Greenbriar 8 Years ago the company moved to its present location on Kempsville Road in Chesapeake

Employment: : 

Employment: Providence Computers employs a number employees spanning all skill levels. Positions are available as interns, customer service, janitorial/cleanup, bench techs, road techs, network techs, commissioned sales, and management. Providence Computers currently employs 10-14 employees and 1-4 interns.

Employment Requirements: : 

Employment Requirements: In addition to any technical requirements Providence Computers looks for the following traits in an employee or intern. Is not frequently absent. Is not frequently late. Is able to follow instructions. Willing and able to learn. Willing and able to work OT when asked. Interacts well with other members of staff. Always looking for ways to better the company.

Company Values: : 

Company Values: Providence Computers intends to please every customer and provide the highest level of service to all customers. Providence Computers sells only the highest quality computers and components to ensure that the customer gets the best value for their money. Providence Computers provides fast service to all customers.

Internship / Training Program : 

Internship / Training Program Providence Computers works with several local organizations to provide job training and experience. Virginia Department of Rehabilitative Services Department of Corrections Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitative Center ECPI College Tidewater Tech Oscar Smith High school

Program Details: : 

Program Details: Normal internship period is 3 months. 20 hours per week. Training Includes: Sorting and Categorization of Components Component Testing Computer diagnostics Operating System installation Operating System installation Basic Networking

Program Details: : 

Program Details: Depending on previous skill the training may also include: Cabling Laptop Repair Server Configuration Retail merchandising Customer Service

People Groups : 

People Groups From these local organizations Providence Computers works with several different people groups. Disabled Persons Persons Convicted of Crimes College Students High school Students Each group has different barriers that must be addressed.

Disabled Persons: : 

Disabled Persons: May have one or more physical or mental disabilities that make finding employment difficult. May need assistance or accommodation in physical tasks. May need additional supervision to help overcome mental disabilities May have transportation problems to and from work. May have social disabilities that make personal interaction difficult.

Persons Convicted of Crimes: : 

Persons Convicted of Crimes: Previous Criminal history may make employment difficult. May have transportation problems due to vehicular convictions. May have limitations as to when and where they can work. May have frequent unscheduled meetings with parole or probation officers.

College Students: : 

College Students: May have no job experience or work skills. May have limited availability due to classes. May have self motivation issues due to short term employment. May be gone during summers.

High School Students: : 

High School Students: May have no job experience or work skills. May have limited availability due to classes. May have self motivation issues due to short term employment. May have state limitations as to amount and type of work.

Statistics: : 

Statistics: Disabled Persons: 5 People have entered the program 3 Left the program for personal reasons 1 Was hired and promoted then left to take another job 1 Is still employed as an intern.

Statistics: : 

Statistics: Persons Convicted of Crimes 2 People have entered the program 2 People are still employed

Statistics: : 

Statistics: College Students 3 People entered the program 1 Completed the program and returned to school 1 Completed the program and was hired. 1 Left the program for personal reasons.

Statistics: : 

Statistics: High School Students 2 People entered the program 2 People Completed the program and returned to school.

Thanks: : 

Thanks: Thank you, and enjoy the rest of your day.

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