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Warlick School By: Student Advisory Council

Members of the Warlick Student Advisory Council : 

Members of the Warlick Student Advisory Council 2009-2010 Members Dominique Staton Tracy McCoy Jocelyn Santiago Erica Brice

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The mission of Warlick School Student Advisory Council is to make this school a better place by increasing student involvement, improving enrichment, and providing more support to students so they can be successful.

Patriots : 

Patriots The members of the Student Advisory Council have recognized that Warlick School needs an identity. We have no mascot. We need to be a unified place of learning.

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Warlick School is located on Spencer Mountain Road. Spencer Mountain was settled in 1772 by Zachariah Spencer . Zachariah Spencer was a patriot during the Revolutionary War. History

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The patriot is a fitting mascot for Warlick School. The colors of the USA represent unity of our country and will do the same for Warlick School as we serve all students referred from Gaston County. Along with a new mascot, we would like a new name: Warlick Academy.

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The Patriot mascot is not in conflict with other Gaston County Schools.

Please Grant Our Request : 

Please Grant Our Request Thank you for taking the time to listen to what the Student Advisory Council had to say. We are trying to make our school a better place. We hope you think that we had good ideas to improve our school . We want Warlick to be a school full of pride. We want to be Warlick Academy, home of the Patriots.