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LEADERSHIP A simple definition of leadership is that leadership is the art of motivating a group of people to act towards achieving a common goal

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CHAKDE INDIA’S KABIR KHAN Chakde is not just about spots but it is a story of LEADERSHIP, TEAMWORK & SUCCESS. Kabir Khan is newly appointed coach of India’s national women’s hockey team. A former captain of the Indian hockey team, now forgotten, it is Kabir Khan’s chance to get himself, his country and his team to the winning stand, once again. But this time all he gets is a bunch of girls who do not really believe in playing for the glory, victory and the country. He has a team that lacks the spirit. Kabir shakes them to wake up the winning spirit. The girls however have their own interests. They are more into other things than playing hockey. Kabir motivates them to look beyond these ordinary things and to play the game for pride, glory and victory. Thus Kabir proves to be a great leader.

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KABIR KHAN’S LEADERSHIP Fair and Impartial The way coach Kabir Khan selects the Captain of the team shows that even though there were senior players expecting to be captain, he chose the one who showed the character of a leader. Prioritize the Team Goal Sixteen girls from different parts of India were selected to play for the country. One had come against her family's wish, other wanted 2 teach a lesson to her boyfriend, etc.. But no one had any plan for the team they were about to play for. Kabir Khan made them realize the value and the priority of the team goal and made them compassionate to play for nothing but the gold. An eye for the opportunity The way Kabir Khan gets the job of the coach of team shows that he has a good understanding of the situation. He tells the authority that they don’t have any other option but him only.

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Meritocratic Kabir doesn't care where a player hails from. His only criteria of judging a player is performance. He even denies the senior most player a position in the team. Making impossible the possible Kabir says "Jo ho nahi sakta wohi to karna hai". As winning world cup for Indian women's hockey is like impossible. But Kabir Khan takes it as a challenge and conveys his vision to the team members though he is opposed by many but he is sure what he is doing. Winners Don’t quit, Quitters don’t Win Cont… Spelling clarity in choices Choices that clarify vision, values, expectation and optimize strength, resources opportunities and challenge. We can observe that Kabir Khan is having the idea of all the mentioned issues.

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Team coordination Taking the challenge as an opportunity Dream big and define the goal Identify competencies and utilizing Commitment LESSON WE LERARN…

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"The very essence of leadership is that you have to have vision. You can't blow an uncertain trumpet."

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