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INSTITUTE OF PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION & RESEARCH ASSIGNMENT ON “Procter & Gamble” SUBMITTED TO:- Prof. Mr. Mahesh Soni SUBMITTED BY:- Group (11) 16 Vineet Kumar Singh 17 Praveen Mayar 19 Binoy Philip 24 Apoorva Khare 25 Aniket Bushal

Company Background : 

Company Background Started in 1837 by William Procter and James Gamble. First products were soaps and candles, But now they are marketing more than 300 products successfully. Procter and Gamble has nearly 300 brands in more then 160 countries. Main Headquarter in Cincinnati, Ohio. Employ 138,000 people.

Family of Products : 

Family of Products Personal & Beauty - Cosmetics, Oral Care, Hair Care House & Home - Laundry care, Dish Soap, Snacks & Coffee Health & Wellness - Prescription drugs, Health Care Baby & Family Pet Care & Nutrition

SWOT Analysis-Strengths : 

SWOT Analysis-Strengths Leading Market Position Diversified and innovative product Portfolio Strong Finances in past years

SWOT analysis-Weaknesses : 

SWOT analysis-Weaknesses Quality control Problem. Decreased Revenues in their Northeast Asian Market. Many time it lead to decrease in market share. Sometime it spoil the image of the company.

SWOT analysis-Opportunities : 

SWOT analysis-Opportunities Developing Markets Demographic trends across the world Industry can use it to increase brand loyalty.

SWOT analysis-Threats : 

SWOT analysis-Threats Competitors. Rising cost of energy prices. Economic slowdown in the US and Euro zone. New Regulations.

Main Competitors : 

Main Competitors Johnson & Johnson Co. Kimberly-Clark Co. Unilever Co.

5 Force Model : 

5 Force Model New Entry Buyer Power Degree of Rivalry Supplier Power Substitute

P&G innovation focuses : 

P&G innovation focuses Tide and Ariel compact detergents that remove stains and sanitize laundry while protecting the original fabric colors. P&G's unique innovative capability is based on three key characteristics: A deep understanding of consumers, their habits and product needs. Capability to acquire, develop and apply technology across P&G's broad array of product categories. The ability to make "connections" between consumers' wants and what technology can deliver.