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Our Solar system : 

Our Solar system By Room 4

Mercury : 

Mercury Mercury is yellow and brown. Mercury is hot and cold. Mercury is solid rock. By Emma

Venus : 

Venus Venus is orange. Venus is made of rocks like Earth. Venus is very hot. By Caleb.

Earth : 

Earth Earth is blue, white, brown and green. Earth is made of rocks. It has a solid surface. Earth can be hot and cold. By Martin

Moon : 

Moon The moon is grey. The moon is made of rocks. The moon is hot and cold. By Adam.

Mars : 

Mars Mars is the red planet. Mars has a solid surface. It is rocky, dusty and dry. Mars is very cold. By Chloe

Jupiter : 

Jupiter Jupiter is orange and brown. Jupiter is made of gas. Jupiter is very cold. By Ryley

Saturn : 

Saturn Saturn is orange and yellow. Saturn is made of gas. It is very cold. By James

Uranus : 

Uranus Uranus is blue-green. Uranus is made of gas. It is icy like Neptune. It is very cold and windy. By Arthur

Neptune : 

Neptune Neptune is dark blue. Its made of gas and its icy. Neptune is very cold. By Jesse

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