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Introduction to Decision Making Techniques : 

Introduction to Decision Making Techniques Having the ability to make decisions. The process of making choices or reaching conclusions, especially on important political or business matters.

Importance : 

Importance Good decision making is an essential skill for career success generally, and effective leadership particularly. If you make poor decisions, your team risks failure and your time as a leader will, most likely, be brutally short.

Steps Involved in Decision Making : 

Steps Involved in Decision Making There are basically five steps of decision making, which are: To recognize and define the problem or opportunity. To identify and analyze alternative courses of action, and estimate their effects on the problem or opportunity. To choose a preferred course of action. To implement the choice. To evaluate the results.

Types of Decision : 

Types of Decision Decision level. How complex is the decision? How important is the decision? How strategic is the decision? Styles To what extent should you involve others in decision making? In what conditions might participation techniques work best?

Problem Faced By People in Decision Making. : 

Problem Faced By People in Decision Making. Complexity of problem. Mental blocks. Available information. Evaluation criteria uncertain. Choosing the best decision.

Solution : 

Solution Two heads are better than one. The use of teams will help to reduce such issues. Group decision-making will help better diagnose and define the problem. To reduce or eradicate such barriers, one needs to keep an open mind in generating "fresh" ideas. Emotional and intellectual blocks may kill a good idea. Important problems usually require information that is not easily obtained and are usually far more complex and far reaching. You must be resourceful in their information search. In order to enhance the objectivity of this process, it is best to rank the selected criteria first before attaching a weight to each criterion Choose the right way of your problem.

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