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Colonial Mobile : 

Colonial Mobile

Bellringer : 

Bellringer If you could move anywhere tomorrow, where would you go? Why? Share

Bienville and d’Iberville : 

Bienville and d’Iberville

Bienville and d’Iberville : 

Bienville and d’Iberville Answer the questions below as you read the handout. Place the answers regarding Bienville under his name on the graphic organizer. Do the same for d’Iberville. 1. Where was each of these men born? When? 2. How old was each when he died? Where did each die? 3. What role did each serve for the French government? 4. What is each credited with accomplishing on the North American continent? After completing the above questions, pair up with a neighbor and answer the following questions: 1. Based on the information in your organizer and in the handout, what differences do you notice about these two men? 2. What can these men’s biographies tell us about the phases of settlement?

1700 : 


Slide 6: 

1698 Pierre Le Moyne d’Iberville was chosen to lead a French expedition 1699 D’Iberville, along with his brother Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne Sieur de Bienville, sailed to: Pensacola Bay Massacre Island Biloxi Mouth of the Mississippi D’Iberville established Fort Maurepas at Biloxi 1701 D’Iberville returned to Massacre Island and then sailed up Mobile Bay and selected a site for settlement D’Iberville returned to Fort Maurepas, initiates the construction of Fort Louis de la Mobile, and then returns to France Bienville takes over command of Fort Maurepas 1702 D’Iberville returned and built a port on Massacre Island 1709 Fort Louis de la Mobile floods Bienville started moving settlement to present-day Mobile 1712 Transfer to the new settlement at Mobile was completed

Slide 7: 

Outline Map of Gulf Region

La Mobile : 

La Mobile N

Slide 10: 

Why build the fort on Mobile Bay? Why would the colonial administrators be housed in or near the fort? Why would fur traders be located on the western side of the town? If you could alter any aspect of the town’s layout, what would it be? Why?

Bellringer : 

Bellringer If you were to establish a settlement, what would you look for in an ideal location? Why?

Layout your settlement : 

Layout your settlement Based on what we have studied, do the following: Identify a location in Alabama which would have been ideal as an early 1700s settlement of 300-400 settlers. Be prepared to defend your layout in your presentation. Sketch the layout of your town on a poster. Include the following: Blacksmith shop Carpenter Doctor Market/Town Square Church Fur Traders Merchants Fort Government Officials Farming and Animals Streets and Blocks Residences

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