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On the 15th June 1978 a nutty professor was born...

Slide 2: 

And Chocolate was never safe again

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From the start Nic was a cutie

Slide 4: 

Who has always loved to shop

Slide 5: 

She has also always been indecisive : Now what shall I wear today?

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A talented modern and ballet dancer Not to mention Flag Leader

Slide 8: 

We watched Nic grow up and mature

Slide 9: 

Well… maybe not so much…

Slide 11: 

But despite her indecisiveness, Nic has always been certain about 3 things: Her friends

Slide 22: 

Her family

Slide 29: 

My favourite top?

Slide 31: 

Might be my favourite top?

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Slide 40: 

And of course ……

Slide 41: 

that Evan is the one...

Slide 46: 

And then he proposed...

Slide 47: 

And the excitement began...

Slide 56: 

And the family grew...