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Tri-Fusion allows users to access real-time video and perform remote configuration of systems anywhere using ARMS (Ascendent Remote Management Software). Ascendent’s IP Pro products provide an easy way to record and distribute high quality video streams over both LAN and WAN networks. Video can be remotely stored for convenience and redundancy, and can then be remotely viewed from multiple sites via private networks or the internet. Ascendent Remote Management Software

Wireless IP Camera : 

Wireless IP Camera Ascendent’s wireless IP cameras offer crisp clean images and the flexibility of a wireless installation X4 DVR compatible for complete integration into our Tri-Fusion platform H.264 Video 4CIF (30 FPS) 480TVL, 1/3'' Color CCD Motion Detection/Alarm SD Card Support for network independent recording 12VDC Internet Explorer Web Client for network preview Watermarking

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Precise Motion Estimation: Temporal search seeks matching sub-macro blocks of variable size as small as 4x4, and finds the motion vector to _ Pel resolution. Multiple Reference Frames: H.264 provides additional flexibility for frames to point to multiple frames which may be any combination of past and future frames. Motion Vector Prediction: Where sufficient temporal correlation exists, motion vectors may be accurately predicted and only their residuals transmitted explicitly in the bitstream. Advanced Motion Search: Motion search allows for reference frames that may be partially outside the picture; missing data can be spatially predicted from boundary data.

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Many people have the misconception that a PC-Based DVR is simply an off-the-shelf PC with video capture (encoder) cards, display (decoder) cards and some generic OEM software. A true DVR requires years of research and development to facilitate the seamless integration of both the hardware and software . DVRs are highly complex systems that must run 24/7, processing millions of images per day. This makes consumer-level hardware inadequate for DVRs which is why Ascendent uses custom-built PCs with performance-level hardware.

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Ascendent uses the latest motherboards that support 1600MHz Front Side Bus for the latest Intel® Core 2™ multi-core processors, including 45nm CPUs. Integrated innovations include DES Advanced, Ultra Durable 2, and Ultra TPM design which provide optimized power usage, ultra cooling and ultra secure data protection. High Velocity 4x Bandwidth BoostThe Quad LAN with Teaming functionality enables 4 single connections to act as 1 single connection for 4x the bandwidth, improving overall throughput. Ultra TPM - Industry’s highest level of data Security via onboard TPMMaximum level of data protection with 2048 bit encryption Security, manageability and flexibility that surpasses software-based encryption Portable User Key to protect data when away from your system

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Processing Power Memory increases the DVR’s ability to stream, record, display, backup and playback video simultaneously for true pentaplex operation. Low latency memory minimizes delays in data retrieval. When you consider that the DVR encodes and decodes up to 960 frames per second high speed ram is vital to the DVR’s operation. Ascendent uses Intel® processors to provide the highest performance possible. Intel incorporates dynamic new technologies such as Intel Smart Memory Access which fully utilizes available data bandwidth allowing for up to 64 channels of video on one DVR. When combined with Ascendent's low latency memory choices, load times are greatly reduced. The latest four-core Intel Core 2 Quad processors are built on 45nm Intel® Core™ micro-architecture enabling X4 DVRs to run faster, cooler and quieter.

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Live View

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Motion Zone Setup

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Ascendent Technology Group Inc. is a dynamic fast growing company committed to providing the CCTV industry with innovative and advanced products and technologies. With a singular commitment to the aggressive pursuit of product development and customer satisfaction, Ascendent continues to be an industry leader. We believe our sophisticated products provide simple solutions to the most complex security demands. Ascendent is proud to provide exceptional customer service and professional quality products.

Slide 23: Canadian Sales Office Phone: 250.426.8100 Toll-free: 866.200.9191 Fax: 250.426.8170

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