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Head Office: B-5, Somdutt Chambers - I, 5, Bhikaji Cama Place, New Delhi –110066, India M: +91 9958592758, +91-9311488060 Fax: +91-11-46028990 E-mail: [email protected] Bangalore PH: +91-9036076828 USA PH: +1-214 230-2477 19-Aug-10 © LANGJOBS.COM 2010 1

Agenda : 

Agenda Vision Profile Introduction Values Services Divisions Our Clientele Q & A / Feedback 19-Aug-10 © LANGJOBS.COM 2010 2

Vision : 

Vision Bring all the Language Job Seekers & Recruiters at one place and provide a world class services to facilitate them. Provide One Stop Language Solutions services partnering customers need. Provide world class HR Solutions for hiring. 19-Aug-10 © LANGJOBS.COM 2010 3

Profile Introduction : 

Profile Introduction - India’s 1st Language Jobs Portal. A leading language consulting firm offering a range of Language Related services. An upcoming HR consultancy firm providing world class HR Recruiting & Placement services. 19-Aug-10 © LANGJOBS.COM 2010 4

Values : 

Values Quality Timeliness Integrity Customer Service 19-Aug-10 © LANGJOBS.COM 2010 5

Services Divisions : 

Services Divisions Online Services:, India’s 1st Language Jobs Portal Offline Services: Recruitment & HR Solutions Services Translation & Localization Services Cross Cultural Education Services Software Solution Services 19-Aug-10 © LANGJOBS.COM 2010 6

Recruitment & HR Solutions : 

Recruitment & HR Solutions Multilingual Recruitment & Placement Language Resource Outsourcing (LRO) Recruitment Events Campus Recruitment 19-Aug-10 © LANGJOBS.COM 2010 7

Recruitment & HR Solutions : 

Recruitment & HR Solutions Multilingual Recruitment & Placement Languages, Management and IT Recruitment Full Time Resources – Indian & Natives Specialized in Recruitment for BPOs, KPOs, IT Companies, Manufacturing and Financial/Accounting Services Companies. Language Resource Outsourcing (LRO) Short Term or Long Term Hiring on Contract You may outsource your entire Language Resource Requirement We can provide you customized solution for your business. 19-Aug-10 © LANGJOBS.COM 2010 8

Recruitment & HR Solutions : 

Recruitment & HR Solutions Recruitment Events Customized Recruitment Event Fast – Time Saving Recruit in more number at a times High recruiting success rates Campus Recruitment In campus recruitment, companies visit colleges and universities. We will perform all of the on-campus recruiting work for select clients. High recruiting success rates. 19-Aug-10 © LANGJOBS.COM 2010 9

Recruitment Methodology : 

Recruitment Methodology Pre-Recruitment Recruitment Post-Recruitment 19-Aug-10 © LANGJOBS.COM 2010 10 Pre-Recruitment Recruitment Post-Recruitment

Translation & Localization : 

Translation & Localization Translation is Important ! Businesses are three times more likely to buy when addressed in their native language. Customer service costs drop when instructions are shown in the user’s native language. Visitors stay twice as long on websites with content in their native language. (Source: Forrester Research) 19-Aug-10 © LANGJOBS.COM 2010 11

Translation & Localization– Methodology : 

Translation & Localization– Methodology Five Points Project Management to ensure the high quality service. Dedicated Project Manager to Manage the Project. Value Driven Service. We follow Six Sigma Methodology and your project will be lead by a Green Belt Certified Project Manager. 19-Aug-10 © LANGJOBS.COM 2010 12

Translation & Localization– Areas : 

Translation & Localization– Areas Literature Technical documentation (both online and printed) Multi-media outputs of all types Websites (Localization & Designing) Training materials Marketing & Advertising E-learning solutions Business systems (ERP, CRM, database) Aviation 19-Aug-10 © LANGJOBS.COM 2010 13 Commercial Letters & correspondence Manufacturing Techno-commercial Automobiles Pharmaceuticals Law & Patents Export-Import documentation Telecommunication Environment Machinery Tourism & Culture Others

Translation & Localization– Languages : 

Translation & Localization– Languages European Languages: Spanish | Portuguese | Italian | French | German | Dutch | Danish| Finnish | Greek | Norwegian | Swedish Eastern European Languages: Bulgarian | Croatian | Czech | Estonian | Lithuanian| Hebrew | Hungarian | Polish | Romanian | Moldavian | Russian | Serbian | Slovenian | Slovak | Tajik | Turkish | Ukrainian| Uzbek Middle East Languages: Arabic | Farsi | Hebrew | Persian Asian Languages: Chinese | Burmese| Bangladeshi | Cambodian | Dari | Indonesian | Japanese | Korean | Malay | Pushto| Singhalese | Thai | Vietnamese 19-Aug-10 © LANGJOBS.COM 2010 14

Translation & Localization – Interpretation : 

Translation & Localization – Interpretation We provide qualified and experienced interpreters for all kinds of assignments - e.g. Large conferences, business collaborations, meetings, conference calls etc.      Simultaneous Interpretation: A mode of interpreting where the interpreter speaks simultaneously with the speaker with minimal pauses. Typically used for seminars, lectures etc. Consecutive Interpretation: Relaying a message from one language into another in a sequential manner. Typically used for meetings, medical appointments, negotiations, informal conversations, etc. 19-Aug-10 © LANGJOBS.COM 2010 15

Translation & Localization – Other Services : 

Translation & Localization – Other Services Multilingual Business Research Surveys Voice Over Technical Writing Others 19-Aug-10 © LANGJOBS.COM 2010 16

Cross Cultural Education Services : 

Cross Cultural Education Services Corporate Language Training Cross Cultural Training Language Training Camp 19-Aug-10 © LANGJOBS.COM 2010 17

Cross Cultural Education Services : 

Cross Cultural Education Services Corporate Language Training Having deep understanding of business culture and specialized requirements of companies and organizations, we offer corporate language training for executives and employees. We offer training for various foreign languages like – French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean etc. Our language experts teach the business communication, corporate jargon's as well as various presentation techniques to the professionals. 19-Aug-10 © LANGJOBS.COM 2010 18

Cross Cultural Education Services : 

Cross Cultural Education Services Cross Cultural Training Our Experienced trainers have designed and delivered the Cross Cultural Trainings. Customized training as per company’s culture and specific project. We try to sensitize the attendees to cross-cultural situations through various role-plays, games and other methods. 19-Aug-10 © LANGJOBS.COM 2010 19

Cross Cultural Education Services : 

Cross Cultural Education Services Language Training Camp We take the group of people to a destination and organize a camp for Language Training. Most suitable for Foreigners on Indian Visit, Theme Tourists, Students on Study Tour, Summer Camps, Vacation Camp etc. 19-Aug-10 © LANGJOBS.COM 2010 20

Our Clientele : 

19-Aug-10 © LANGJOBS.COM 2010 21 Our Clientele Some of our well known clients are…..

Q&A / Feedback : 

19-Aug-10 © LANGJOBS.COM 2010 22 Q&A / Feedback For Recruitment/Placement & Language Resource Outsourcing services: [email protected] , [email protected] Or Post your queries / feedback on:

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19-Aug-10 © LANGJOBS.COM 2010 23