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Strengths Training : 

Strengths Training Playing to my strengths for a better me.

Our Journey so far... : 

Our Journey so far... The thing that has impacted me most so far is... Today has me thinking... I have heard a few things about Strengths Finder... AND/OR I am wondering...

Our time this afternoon. : 

Our time this afternoon. What is Strengths Finder? What are my Strengths? What are the other themes and what do they look like? How can I play to my strengths everyday? What about my weaknesses? How can I use this as a teacher?

What we think we know... : 

What we think we know... What did YOU want to do? What were your passions? What gets you excited, motivates you, and inspires you? Do you get to FEEL this way everyday? We’ve been lied to!

So what is Strengths Finder? : 

So what is Strengths Finder? Don Clifton, psychologist and founder of the Gallup Organization. Over 15 years of research and millions of people. What are the behaviors, tendencies that motivate people in the professional and personal lives? Found 34 recurring themes. Greatest area for growth is... People can become competent at anything... As you grow you change? (Now Discover Your Strengths)

Your results...own ‘em! : 

Your results...own ‘em! There are 33,700,000 unique combinations of themes! Less than 20% of people who take test have the same top 5. All talents/themes are GOOD!!! No reason to re-take test, no way to find out your lowest (DO NOT FOCUS ON Weakness!)

Knowledge, skill, talent... : 

Knowledge, skill, talent... This is your THEME or strength! TALENT SKILL KNOWLEDGE = TALENT SIGNATURE THEME

About the test... : 

About the test... Quiet, uninterrupted place At least 30-40 minutes It is timed!!! No tricks, no bad themes, no “trying to get one” Answer how you feel most comfortable

Hey thats me! : 

Hey thats me! Working really hard ALONE to accomplish a task. Working with friends... Figuring out all of the details about how a machine works (no instructions) Meeting people at a social event where you don’t know anyone

...hey thats me! : 

...hey thats me! Accomplishing a goal to meet someone else’s needs Solving a math problem Thinking about the future or creating a vision Organizing things, people, events

A moment of greatness... : 

A moment of greatness... Describe a time when you achieved or realized greatness. Could be an accomplished goal, an award, or a success story. Share. Your Signature Theme Investigation. Share. How were your partner’s strengths evident in that moment of greatness?

The 34 themes. : 

The 34 themes. Highlight/Circle you and your partner’s strengths on your worksheet... The amazing race!

Clarification on Strengths : 

Clarification on Strengths What questions arose in your race? Highlights? YOU HAVE ALL 34!!!

When we return... : 

When we return... What do I do with this information? What about my weaknesses? As an educator?

Playing to my Strengths. : 

Playing to my Strengths. How do I know what they are? Your best day! (What talent was present?) What things can I do to fully play to my individual talents? Journal each day. Ask others for help/guidance. Learn others’ themes. Get more information!

Ignore my weaknesses? : 

Ignore my weaknesses? What about those things I am NOT good at? How do we know them, can we find them out? How we have been taught as we grew up. What the research says... The Math and English example.

Can you learn a talent? : 

Can you learn a talent?

Strengths...weakness? : 

Strengths...weakness? What about the things I’m BAD at? Use your Strengths!!! (the baby example) Delegate your work or ask for help! Work with your team, be honest Find a partner Change your perspective? Can you stop doing it?

Teaching with your Strengths... : 

Teaching with your Strengths... Conventional Wisdom doesn’t work for everyone! A Great idea is only great if it plays on the strengths of the person using it. (Karaoke Moment) Create a flexible structure (remember students have different strengths, and some may be the opposite of yours!) Help students hone in on their talents!

In my CTSO...putting it to action! : 

In my CTSO...putting it to action! Quickly share your Strengths with your group. Share a strategy that you use in the classroom that plays to one of your strengths. As a group, discuss how strengths could be used in the classroom, with your peers, and for your CTSO. Be ready to share some of these best practices with regard to strengths.

Putting it to action! : 

Putting it to action! Share from breakout. Did you see your/others’ strengths at work? Which of these ideas could be used in your program? How can what you are already doing be applied to strengths?

My personal action plan... : 

My personal action plan... In the next few days... During the school year, each day I will... What “big rocks” will allow me to play to my strengths? How can I use this in my personal life? How will I inform others of my strengths? My daily reminder! Pick one per month.

Team Meeting: After the test. : 

Team Meeting: After the test. Certificates posted! How are your themes similar? Unique? Any possibilities of conflict? What should you watch out for? Set a date!!! Include strengths at meetings! How will what you know help you as a team?

Resources...I want MORE! : 

Resources...I want MORE! Now Discover Your Strengths Strengths Finder 2.0 How Full is Your Bucket? Go Put Your Strengths to Work. Trombone Player Wanted. (DVD)

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