Etiquettes of Mosques

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Etiquettes of Mosque : 

Etiquettes of Mosque

Definition : 

Definition Mosques are the houses of Allah and those believers who enter therein are the guests of Allah. There are many etiquettes of the mosque that have been taught to us by Allah in the Holy Qur’an and in Ahadith by the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). Mosque is a very sacred place of worship for Muslims. And as such, we must treat it with utmost respect.

Facts about Mosques : 

Facts about Mosques All mosques are aligned towards Makkah, indicated by a qiblah compass A qibla wall is located perpendicular to the qibla A hemisphere-shaped dome is set upon the pillars of a square Women pray in a separate room

Hadith : 

Hadith O ye people, praise Allah. Whoever builds a mosque for Allah, Allah, The Exalted, shall build a house for such a one in paradise. To Allah, the most adored places are the mosques and the most undesirable places are market places. Those who visit the mosques in darkness convey to them the good news that Allah shall bestow upon them from Himself perfect light on the day of judgement Of all the buildings the most beautiful and attractive in Allah's sight is a Mosque.

Do’s : 

Do’s One should enter the mosque in a state of cleanliness, with clean clothes and after performing ablution On entering the mosque assigned prayers should be read Two raka’ at voluntary Prayer should be offered on entering the mosque if time permits In mosques one should engage in remembrance of Allah and recitation of the Holy Qur’an Mosques should be kept clean Rows should be kept straight while standing for Prayer The first row should be filled first, and then the other rows, and then the other rows consecutively

Don’ts : 

Don’ts Talking unnecessarily and engaging in idle talk is prohibited in the mosque Business deals should not be discussed in the mosque It is prohibited to discuss private matters in the mosque It is forbidden to sit in groups and talk in the mosques One should not go to the mosque after eating raw garlic, onion or other malodorous vegetables or herbs No one should be restricted from remembering Allah or offering prayers in the mosque

Dua Entering : 

Dua Entering ‘In the name of Allah (I enter). All blessings and peace be upon the Prophet of Allah. O Allah! Forgive me my sins and open up the doors of Your mercy upon me.’

Dua Leaving : 

Dua Leaving ‘In the name of Allah (I leave) And all the blessings and peace be upon the Prophet of Allah. O Allah! Forgive me my sins and open the doors of your blessings upon me'

Ahmadiyya Mosques All over the World : 

Ahmadiyya Mosques All over the World

Vancouver Mosque : 

Vancouver Mosque Located on the river bank of the Fraser River Lit at night, identifying the location and its use Inspiration from Mosques of the past Men are drawn one way around the reflecting pool and gardens, the women the other Entry into the Prayer Halls are via the washing facilities and shoeless entrance – women have their own prayer hall Above are located 5 domed skylights, referring to the 5 Pillars of Wisdom 25,000 sqft development also serves as a local community centre, and incorporates a sports hall, showers, library, offices, meeting rooms, lunch room and day care.

Vancouver Mosque Design : 

Vancouver Mosque Design The design as a whole is intended to be maintenance free as much as practically possible.

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Maham Chuadhary Surrey West Zaib Bajwa Lyba Chuadhary

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