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Sofaer IMBA, Bootcamp Excel CourseClass 1 : 

Sofaer IMBA, Bootcamp Excel CourseClass 1 Simon Benninga [email protected] August 2010 Click logo for more information on the Sofaer IMBA at Tel Aviv University

Course overview : 

Course overview Basic materials Very very basics Charts Functions Somewhat more advanced Data tables Introductory VBA Working with dates Goal seek and Solver

Overhead : 

Overhead Recommend Office 2007 or 2010 Rebecca/Tal can help you purchase this We do not support Macs! Macs don’t have VBA I use VBA for Getformula 3

Materials … : 

Materials … From my new book, Principles of Finance with Excel , 2nd edition (not yet out) May contain typos (please let me know) Website for course: 4

Course contents : 

Course contents 0.5 hour: Excel basics (PFE, Chapter 24) 0.5 hour: Excel charts (PFE, Chapter 25) 1 hour: VBA for idiots. How to use Getformula in your spreadsheets. 3 hours: Excel functions (PFE, Chapter 26) Basic financial and math functions Conditional functions Text functions Statistical functions 1.5 hour: Data tables (PFE, Chapter 27) 1 hour: Working with dates in Excel (PFE, Chapter 28) 1 hour: Goal Seek and Solver (PFE, Chapter 29) 2 hours: Data manipulation in Excel

Course obligations : 

Course obligations No grade BUT—final exam(!) No hand-in of exercise BUT—discussed in class I may call on you You must be prepared! 6

More … : 

More … Excel courses tend not to be linear. It’s easy to get distracted. Many ways to do the same thing I welcome your suggestions, but may cut you off Practice is the key! 7

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