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W.A.S.P. Wi-Fi Aerial Surveillance Platform

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W.A.S.P. Small Scale, Open Source UAV using off the shelf components Designed to provide a vehicle to project Cyber-offensive and defensive capabilities, and visual / electronic surveillance over distance cheaply and with little risk. Modular Payloads for varied mission needs (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GSM, Imaging, etc)‏ Integrated ground station for real time tracking, payload interaction, flight operations, data download. Off-airframe large scale high performance computational power via secure communications channels over 900MHz RF, Wi-Fi, Cellular Data Network (Edge and 3G). Man portable Low Cost to build and operate.

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W.A.S.P. Aircraft: Weight: 13.2lbs Height: 27” Length: 76” Wingspan: 67” Power Plant: Eflite Power 90 Brushless (electric)‏ Prop Size: 17” x 10”e Run Time: 30-45 minutes electric Max Altitude: 22,000 feet (based on donor FQM-117 specifications)‏ Battery: 6-Cell/6S 20C Pro Lite V2 LiPo Quantity: 2 Battery Type: Lithium-Polymer Voltage: 22.2V Capacity: 5000mAH Ground Station: Form Factor: Pelican 1450 Case (16” x 13” x 6.87”)‏ Computing Platform: Via Epia 10000G Pico ITX PC (1GHz Via C7, 1GB RAM) running Windows XP Pro. Display: 7” MIMO Pivot Touch USB monitor Telemetry Hardware: DIY Drones “ArduStation” receiver unit w/ XBee-PRO 50mW 900MHz RF Telemetry display Uplink: Aircraft uplink via Internet through XBee-PRO 50mW 900 MHz RF connections or 802.11b/g (local AP), 3 G Cellular . Functions: Graphical flight display Proxy for WASP Control interface for flight control systems and payload.

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W.A.S.P. [email protected]

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