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Bonelli, LLC Fine Gourmet Food : 

Bonelli, LLC Fine Gourmet Food Dedicated in improving the quality of your life. Don’t miss a day without our fine product.

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We named our product Fine gourmet butter. It is a buttery spread that includes fresh butter, parsley, garlic, exotic spices and salt. The intent is to enhance the delicious taste of your food.

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It tastes specific, refine, piquant and engaging. Every real food lover is exited. The most important is his universal appeal. Similar product has been successfully used in Europe and all over the world for century.

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Just cut a half inch slice of Fine gourmet butter and put it to melt on your steak, pork chop, How to use our product:

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Chicken from the BBQ It is exclusively delicious with your lamb chops

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Slap it on Your T-Bone. Stem your veggies or green beans with it.

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Slice your backed potato and put two pieces. What about on your pasta is delicious. Don’t forget your salmon!

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But before all make your garlic bread. Fine gourmet butter is manufactured with equipment approved for use of dairy product with most fresh of ingredients. Have a shelf life up to four months. Please keep refrigerated!

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The Prices: 3 pieces, 30 oz $15.00 2 dozen x 1.5 oz (total 36 oz) $16.50 1 piece, 10 oz $5.00

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Contact Us: Bonelli, LLC Fine Gourmet Food Phone: 619 517 3160 or 760 796 4096 * Fax: 760 796 4091 e-mail: [email protected] Privacy Policy Copyright March, 2009 All Rights reserved NEF.Ltd

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