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Federal Electronics Challenge Program Overview : 

Federal Electronics Challenge Program Overview Cate Berard U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Federal Electronics Stewardship : 

Federal Electronics Stewardship Executive Order (E.O.) 13514: Federal Leadership in Environmental, Energy, and Economic Performance Specifies federal government goals Office of Management and Budget, Environmental Stewardship Scorecard Measures status and progress in meeting goals and requirements

Federal Electronics Stewardship : 

Federal Electronics Stewardship E.O. 13514 Goals Ensure procurement preference for EPEAT registered electronics Ensure procurement preference for ENERGY STAR qualified and FEMP designated electronics Enable power management, duplexing and other environmentally preferable features on electronics Use environmentally sound practices during disposition of electronics Implement best management practices for data centers and servers

What is the Federal Electronics Challenge? : 

What is the Federal Electronics Challenge? The Federal Electronics Challenge (FEC) is a partnership program that assists federal agencies and facilities to: Purchase greener electronic products Reduce impacts of electronic products during use Manage obsolete electronics in an environmentally safe way The FEC helps federal agencies and facilities meet their federal electronics stewardship requirements

FEC Program Goals for 2010 : 

FEC Program Goals for 2010 By December 31, 2010 95% of eligible electronic equipment purchased or leased annually by FEC Partners is EPEAT-registered 100% of eligible computers and monitors in operation at FEC Partner facilities have ENERGY STAR® power management features enabled Electronic equipment in operation at FEC Partner facilities have an average life span of at least four years 100% percent of non-reusable electronic equipment disposed of annually by FEC Partner facilities is recycled using environmentally sound management, as defined by the Responsible Recycling (R2) Practices

Partnering for Electronics Stewardship : 

Partnering for Electronics Stewardship Voluntarily participate as Agency or Facility Partners Complete a baseline Report annually Provides Partners with resources and technical assistance Awards annual recognition to qualifying Partners Collaborates to provide best management practices Federal agencies and facilities: The FEC:

Current Partners : 

Current Partners Department of Agriculture Department of Commerce Department of Defense Department of Education Department of Energy Department of Health and Human Services Department of Homeland Security Department of Interior Department of Justice Department of Labor Department of the Treasury Department of Transportation Department of Veterans Affairs Environmental Protection Agency Executive Office of the President General Services Administration Office of Personnel and Management Social Security Administration United States Postal Service More than 250 Facility Partners representing over 755,000 employees from the nineteen agencies listed above, as well as the Department of State and NASA

Benefits to FEC Partners : 

Benefits to FEC Partners Supports progress in meeting E.O. 13514 goals Free resources Educational training and feedback Technical assistance Networking opportunities and knowledge-sharing National recognition from the Office of the Federal Environmental Executive

FEC Resources : 

FEC Resources Regional Champions Web Site and Guidance Documents Monthly Partner Education Calls RSS Feed Partner Listserve Electronics Stewardship Track at GreenGov Symposium

FEC Partner Requirements : 

FEC Partner Requirements Register Sign Pledge Specify list of Facility Partners Register Complete Baseline Survey of Current Practices Submit Annual Reporting Form (annually) Submit Awards Application (annually, optional) Agency Partners: Facility Partners:

Register : 

Register Provides general information which is stored in FEC’s Administrative Database Includes Facility Partner Pledge Submitted through a Web-based form Adobe Acrobat file available for use as a worksheet http://www.federalelectronicschallenge.net/pledge.htm

Welcome Message : 

Welcome Message Registrants receive a welcome message via email to their point of contact Contact information for their Regional Champion Link to FEC Resources Web page Information about the listserve Reminder to complete the Baseline Survey, links to Web pages Password for Member Services Information about the next Partner Call

Baseline Survey of Current Practices : 

Baseline Survey of Current Practices Provides a comprehensive look at current practices and helps identify areas for improvement Due within six weeks of registration Submitted online Word, Adobe Acrobat files available for use as worksheets Must complete and submit once http://www.federalelectronicschallenge.net/baseline.htm

Annual Reporting : 

Annual Reporting Helps the FEC measure progress against the FEC national goals and calculate the environmental benefits of Partner activities Demonstrates progress from year to year Due on January 31 for previous fiscal year Submitted online Word, Adobe Acrobat files available for use as worksheets Must complete and submit each year http://www.federalelectronicschallenge.net/report.htm

FY2009 Annual Reporting Results : 

FY2009 Annual Reporting Results *134 FEC Facility Partner Annual Reporting Forms were received for FY2009. These 134 reporting partners represent 498,185 federal employees.

FY2009 Environmental Benefits : 

FY2009 Environmental Benefits

Annual Awards : 

Annual Awards Annual awards recognize Facility Partners that have completed specific electronics stewardship activities Not mandatory, but highly encouraged Due on January 31 for previous fiscal year Submitted online Word, Adobe Acrobat files available for use as worksheets May be completed and submitted each year http://www.federalelectronicschallenge.net/recognition/

For More Information : 

For More Information http://www.federalelectronicschallenge.net Cate Berard Program Manager U.S. Environmental Protection Agency 202-564-8847 [email protected]

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