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Parents as Career Partners : 

Parents as Career Partners Career Development Center 350 MHC 651-962-6761

Program Purpose : 

Program Purpose To understand the career development opportunities and challenges that students face today To familiarize parents with the UST career developmental model, resources and staff To identify how parents might challenge and support the career development process

Your student… : 

Your student… Discuss in small groups what messages about the world of work your son/daughter are getting from you or other outside influences (TV, news, friends, previous work experiences).

What Millennials Want from Work : 

What Millennials Want from Work The Gen Y Guy on 60 Minutes - Generational Speaker

Millennials in the Workplace : 

Millennials in the Workplace Globally minded Technologically adept and resourceful Nurture/special Team oriented Fully scheduled Life work balance Interests in environmental and social service focus

Career and Employment Trends : 

Career and Employment Trends 59% of college students complete at least one internship. Students with internships are more likely to receive a job offer upon graduation than their peers. Competitive and uncertain job market.

Career and Employment Trends : 

Career and Employment Trends Networking is critical for career information sharing and internship/job search process. More than a major: Jobs, Internships, Volunteer, Club memberships, classes.

Career and Employment Trends : 

Career and Employment Trends Social media revolution is evolving. Communication skills are critical. Job growth is with small employers

“Hot” Career Fields : 

“Hot” Career Fields Health Care (Gerontology) Engineering Sales/Marketing I/T- Network systems & Data Communication Environmental Federal Government- retirements pending

Students reactions… : 

Students reactions… Pressure to make the “right” decision. Indecision about majors/careers. Need for individualized attention. React to immediate needs or prolong until latest possible timeframe. Need for detailed direction. Declared major-unsure of career options. AP/PSEO students have added stress for making a “quick” decision.

Career Counselors’ Role : 

Career Counselors’ Role Encourage them to explore options. Educate on career development process (big picture). Support and guide through out process. Teach specific skills according to individual needs (resume writing, interviewing, networking). Provide them with resources (handouts, website, access to alumni via LinkedIn).

What the CDC Provides to Assist Students… : 

What the CDC Provides to Assist Students… Career Model-full scope of services for all levels.

iExplore: My Major. My Career. My Options : 

iExplore: My Major. My Career. My Options #1: Explore the Career Development Center (350 MHC) #2: Explore your interests and major options #3: Explore how you can use your experience and skills in your first resume #4: Explore our website #5: Explore our on-line-community for the most up to date career information

What you can do to help as their parent : 

What you can do to help as their parent Talk about your work, employer, industry. Encourage students to get feedback on their Values, Interest, Personality and Skills from a variety of sources. Encourage them to keep their eyes wide open for career fields/ideas. Connect them with family/friends to gather career information. Recommend use of Career Development Center.

Get Informed : 

Get Informed Email us and “Ask the counselor”

Career Development Center Website : 

Career Development Center Website

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