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Slide no 2- agriculture practices Slide no 3- preparation of soil Slide no 4- information about preparation of soil tools Slide no 5- about sowing Slide no 6- adding manure and fertilizers Slide no 7- differences between them Slide no 8- about irrigation Slide no 9- protection from weeds Slide no 10- about harvesting Slide no 11- last storage Made by : Samarth ahuja Index

Agricultural Practices : 

Agricultural practices are simply practices used in agriculture facilitate farming they can be : preparation of soils,sowing,harvesting,storage etc. Agricultural Practices

1:Prepartion of Soil : 

Preparation of soil is the first step in agricultural practices It is the most important step in agriculture the process of loosening and turning of the soil is called tilling The loosened soil helps in growing of earthworms and microbes The tools used are plough, hoe and cultivator 1:Prepartion of Soil

Information About These Tools : 

Plough: This tool is used since ancient times. It is made of wood and is drawn by a pair of bulls .It contains a strong triangular iron strip called ploughshare. The main part of plough is a long log of wood which is called plough shaft Hoe: It is a sample tool which is used for removing weeds and for loosening the soil Cultivator: It is a modern tool called tractor driven cultivator. It saves labour and time. It is more expensive then Plough and Hoe Information About These Tools

Sowing : 

It is most important step of agricultural practices We have to choose good quality seeds. When we choose some seeds are hollow, to find which seeds are damaged and hollow we have to put them in water for some time which are damaged float on water The tools used for sowing are traditional tool and seed drill Sowing

Adding Manure and Fertilizers : 

The substances which are added in the soil for the healthy grout of plant is called manure and fertilizer manure is obtained from the decomposition of plant and animal waste Fertilisers are prepared in factories. They are rich in plant nutrients. Adding Manure and Fertilizers

Difference between manure and fertilizers : 

manure Manure is an organic thing Manure in prepared in fields Manure gives a lot of humus to soil it increases no of friendly microbes in the soil We should use more manure Fertilizer is an inorganic salt Fertilizer is prepared in factories Fertilizer not gives any humus to soil It decreases no of friendly microbes in the soil We should use less fertilizers Difference between manure and fertilizers fertilizers

Irrigation : 

The supply of water to plants is called irrigation. There are many sources of irrigation like- wells,lakes,ponds,rivers etc. The two ways to save water in irrigation is sprinkler and drip system. Sprinkler system- the perpendicular pipes having rotating nozzles on top are jointed to different intervals. when water is allowed to flough throw main pipe under pressure with the help of a pump, it escapes from rotating nozzles. Drip system- the pipe coming is jointed to every root of plant in this way water is not wasted with less time. Irrigation

Protection from weeds : 

In the field many plants grow up with the plant they are called weeds. The process of removing weeds is called weeding. Weeding is necessary as many crops grow up and there is a compete between water,nutreints,space. there are many ways to remove weeds- spraying weedicides, tilling before sowing of crop ,etc. Protection from weeds

Pictures of spraying weedicides : 

Pictures of spraying weedicides

Harvesting : 

The cutting of matured crop is called harvesting. Harvesting can be done by manually by sickle or a machine called harvester When we harvest crop the grain seeds need to be separated from the chaff or there is another machine called combine harvester. It harvest and do threshing both. Harvesting

Storage : 

The last step of agriculture practices is storage. If the crop grains are to be kept for longer time they should be safe from moisture, rats and insects. Storage is done in a silos and granaries. Silos are tall cylinder shape farm structure. Granaries are the storage facility of grain often located in or close to a barn. Storage

Makers detail : 

Maker is samarth ahuja of class VIII . School name is Sneh International School . Makers detail

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