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Prepared by: Terence Lee E: [email protected] M: +65 9765 4317

Who is VR-Zone? : 

Private & Confidential 2 Who is VR-Zone? Established since 1999, VR-Zone has expanded internationally from Singapore, into the US and Europe markets. Provides a powerful daily dose of news and reviews. Backed by a strong community to ensure users are always involved in the action. Using our key strength in hardware technology expertise, we drive record results for major IT brands, worldwide. High traffic of more than 2,000,000 unique visitors and 20,000,000 page views a month. With over 89,000 members currently, we are still undergoing an explosive growth as we strive to bring forth more content for the mass public. Exciting features in development for 2009 : Videos, Classifieds, Pricewatch & More!

Readers Demographics : 

Private & Confidential 3 Readers Demographics Most of the VR-Zone readers comes from developed countries like US, Canada, UK, France, Japan, Germany, Australia and Singapore with high GDP * Data from Google Analytics (Oct – Nov 2008) VR-Zone Forums

Members Details : 

Private & Confidential 4 Members Details Most of the VR-Zone members are opinion leaders with buying power. Age Group Type of Users * Data from survey conducted in January 2008 with 1000 respondents

Spending Habits : 

Private & Confidential 5 Spending Habits * Data from survey conducted in January 2008 with 1000 respondents

Why Choose VR-Zone? : 

Private & Confidential 6 Why Choose VR-Zone? VR-Zone reaches large numbers of highly attractive audience Consumer Electronics is a very high interest area apart from Computers Great opportunity to reach young consumers with great spending power and willingness to try new products User generated content ensures a high level of engagement The campaign will be targeted and unique. Minimize wastage. Maximize Effectiveness. Motivate consumers to purchase and increase your sales and profit. Elevate the branding and awareness of the products by through our editorials Create word-of-mouth interest and excitement for the brand/product through our forums.

Highly Ranked In Major Search Engines : 

Private & Confidential 7 Highly Ranked In Major Search Engines Search engine is one of the best way to tell how popular a particular site is. The more entries there are, the more popular the site is. There are more than 1.8M entries on VR-Zone in total for the top 3 most popular search engines! 727,000! 918,000! 240,000!

Clientele : 

Private & Confidential 8 Clientele

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Case Studies

AMD Graphics Card Campaign : 

Private & Confidential 10 AMD Graphics Card Campaign Partnered with AMD for event Promote AMD HD 3800 Series Graphics Cards More than 3000 contest entries! Event date: Mar 1st to Mar 31st 08

Windows Vista Campaign : 

Private & Confidential 11 Windows Vista Campaign Partnered with Microsoft for event Promote Windows Vista More than 2000 contest entries! Event date: Jan 1st to Mar 31st 08

Advanced Overclocking Championship : 

Private & Confidential 12 Advanced Overclocking Championship World’s largest overclocking competition ever held with overclockers from 20 countries Partnered with ASUS, Intel, NVIDIA, FSP, Kingston, Western Digital & FSP Event date: 28th and 29th Jul 07 2008 Microsite :

Kingston Healthy Lifestyle Campaign : 

Private & Confidential 13 Kingston Healthy Lifestyle Campaign Partnered with Kingston for event for their 20th Anniversary Encourage techies to go out and exercise. More than 150 techies took part in Bowling, Badminton, Running, Street Soccer Event date: September to December ‘07

Kingston Hyper Race Event : 

Private & Confidential 14 Kingston Hyper Race Event Partnered with Kingston to promote them as the fastest memories Tie in with fastest sports around such as Cycling, Go-Karting and Night Race More than specially selected participants join in the fun Event date: August to September ‘08

Seagate Christmas Affair : 

Private & Confidential 15 Seagate Christmas Affair Partnered with Seagate for Christmas Event Stores put up Seagate X’Mas trees and consumers fill up wish cards Fun filled Seagate Scavenger Hunt in Sim Lim Square Event date: December 2007

NVIDIA SLI Blog Contest : 

Private & Confidential 16 NVIDIA SLI Blog Contest Partnered with NVIDIA for event. Promote NVIDIA SLI Technology 120 enthusiasts raving about SLI on their blogs Event date: Mar 15th to Apr 15th 07

PowerColor Signature Contest : 

Private & Confidential 17 PowerColor Signature Contest Partnered with PowerColor for event. Generate hype and awareness for PowerColor graphics cards Overwhelming response with more than 26,000 forum page views Event date: Feb 27th to Mar 26th 07 Winning Entry

Special Occasion Online Campaigns : 

Private & Confidential 18 Special Occasion Online Campaigns Partnered with Kingston for Valentine Day special. Generates hype and awareness for Kingston products Generates more than 12,000 forum page views Event date: Jan 15th to Feb 15th 07

EVGA Letter Writing Contest : 

Private & Confidential 19 EVGA Letter Writing Contest Partnered with EVGA for event. Generate hype and awareness for EVGA newly launched product. Great response with more than 100 entries Event date: 1st Nov to 31st Dec 06

Freecom XXS Awareness Drive Contest : 

Private & Confidential 20 Freecom XXS Awareness Drive Contest Partnered with Freecom for contest Generate hype and awareness for Freecom newly launched product Overwhelming response with more than 1000 entries Event date: 1st Aug to 31st Sep 08

Kingston Children’s Charity Gaming : 

Private & Confidential 21 Kingston Children’s Charity Gaming Partnered with Kingston & Salvation Army for event. High turn-out rate achieved with charity as focus. Event date: 24th Nov 06

Professional Gaming : KODE5 S.E.A Finals : 

Private & Confidential 22 Professional Gaming : KODE5 S.E.A Finals Partnered with Foxconn, Corsair & Razer for event. Rated as one of the most professionally run gaming tournament in Singapore by the gamers Event date: 19th to 20th Aug 06

& Many Others! : 

Private & Confidential 23 & Many Others!

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Advertising Cost

Homepage Banner Ad Units : 

Private & Confidential 25 Homepage Banner Ad Units Leaderboard (728 X 90) Trailerboard (468 X 60) Towerboard (120 X 600) Centerboard (300 X 250)

Forum Ad Units : 

Private & Confidential 26 Forum Ad Units Leaderboard (728 X 90) Towerboard (120 X 600)

Forum Ad Units : Sub Forum : 

Private & Confidential 27 Forum Ad Units : Sub Forum Landing Page Banner Size: 728 X 90 Forum

Forum Ad Units : Sponsored Forum : 

Private & Confidential 28 Forum Ad Units : Sponsored Forum Landing Page Forum

Electronic Direct Mailer : 

Private & Confidential 29 Electronic Direct Mailer Customized Themes Blast to over 89,000 members!

Micro-Site Development : 

Private & Confidential 30 Micro-Site Development

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