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Attractions and Entertainment: Introduction : 

New Unusual Awe-inspiring / dangerous Experience and feeling → Participate in a variety of leisure activities → Experience new things Attractions and Entertainment: Introduction

Attractions and Entertainment Sampler : 

Attractions and Entertainment Sampler Not-for-profit organization or for-profit basis

Differences BetweenAttractions and Entertainment : 

Natural Locations Permanent Visitor attendance and financial fortune influenced by seasonal changes. Differences BetweenAttractions and Entertainment

Differences BetweenAttractions and Entertainment : 

Often temporary Visitor attendance and financial fortune can be planned Differences BetweenAttractions and Entertainment

Museum and Historical Sites : 

Museum and Historical Sites Tourists love museums New buildings, high-tech interactive exhibits, restaurants, museum shops → more people, stay longer, spend more money

Zoos and Aquariums : 

Zoos and Aquariums Originated from the ancient time (Chinese, Egyptians, Babylonians and Aztecs) Usually not-for-profit organization Some of zoos are very large, → public interest

Parks and Preserves : 

Parks and Preserves They range from urban parks (Central Park) to forests, national parks and botanic gardens → Protect the natural beauty of landscape, plants and animals for future generation → For visitors, providing space for rest, recreation.

Fairs & Festivals : 

Fairs & Festivals Also part of commercial attractions → to stimulate business by creating an event that brings together buyers and sellers Worls fairs, State fairs, Music, Food, Beverage, Art exhibition

Amusement and Theme Parks : 

Amusement and Theme Parks Disneyland, Parc Asterix, LegoLand, AquaPark, Maze, Hollywood Attraction, Jurassic Park → escape reality From the operating point of view, parks must create family atmosphere, clean, visually pleasing

Gaming : 

Gaming → Earn money from different segments → Tax: In USA, Casino Gaming is one of the most regulated businesses Slot machines generate over 70% of casino revenue.

Shopping : 

Shopping → May be part of travel experience, or → May be the primary focus of travel 89% of travelers shopped during their visit to USA. In many locations, shopping is the number one activity.

The Performing Arts : 

The Performing Arts → A popular form of entertainment (since thousends of years) → For some areas, the primary tourism revenue generator Theater, Ballet, Opera, Concert, Stand-up Comedy.

Sporting Activities : 

Sporting Activities → The Greeks initiated the idea of staging athlethic competitions, the Romans expanded the idea and staged them as games for the public entertainment → Draw visitors to sport games or activity Football, Basket Ball, skiing, rock climbing...

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