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Cloud Computing Jayant Nandurkar 01 July 2010 Copyright reserved ©UAT Forum


Contents What is Cloud Computing? Why Cloud computing? Cloud Anatomy Cloud computing technology Cloud computing products and market Copyright reserved ©UAT Forum

What is Cloud Computing?:

What is Cloud Computing? Definitions: “Cloud computing is a general term for anything that involves delivering hosted services over the internet.” – Wikipedia “ Cloud computing is Internet-based computing, whereby shared resources, software, and information are provided to computers and other devices on demand, like the electricity grid.”- Wikipedia Basically a cloud is a virtualization of resources that manages and maintains itself. Copyright reserved ©UAT Forum

Enterprise Software today:

Enterprise Software today Copyright reserved ©UAT Forum

Cloud Computing Layers:

Cloud Computing Layers Copyright reserved ©UAT Forum Layers Architecture

What is a Cloud?:

What is a Cloud? Copyright reserved ©UAT Forum Individuals Corporations Non-Commercial Cloud Middle Ware Storage Provisioning OS Provisioning Network Provisioning Service(apps) Provisioning SLA(monitor), Security, Billing Services Storage Network OS Resources

PowerPoint Presentation:

Why Cloud computing? Copyright reserved ©UAT Forum

Traditional Software:

Traditional Software Copyright reserved ©UAT Forum

Software as a Service:

Software as a Service Copyright reserved ©UAT Forum

Cloud Computing:

Cloud Computing Copyright reserved ©UAT Forum

PowerPoint Presentation:

Cloud Anatomy Copyright reserved ©UAT Forum

PowerPoint Presentation:

Broadly classified under the three categories: IaaS: Infrastructure as a service. PasS: Platform as a service. SaaS: Application/Software as a Service. Copyright reserved ©UAT Forum

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)::

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): Cloud infrastructure services or "Infrastructure as a Service ( IaaS )" delivers computer infrastructure, typically a platform virtualization environment as a service. Rather than purchasing servers, software, data center space or network equipment, clients instead buy those resources as a fully outsourced service . Examples :- IBM Blue house, VMWare , Amazon EC2, Microsoft Azure Platform, Sun Parascale and more Benefits to the clients:  1. Stop worrying about heavy traffic and bandwidth requirements.  2. Pay as you go.  3. No need to buy high configuration servers from day one.  4. Low maintenance. Copyright reserved ©UAT Forum

Platform as a Service (PaaS)::

Platform as a Service (PaaS): Platform-as-a-service in the cloud is defined as a set of software and product development tools hosted on the provider’s infrastructure. Developers create applications on the provider’s platform over the Internet. PaaS providers may use APIs, website portals or gateway software installed on the customer’s computer, (an outgrowth of and GoogleApps are examples of PaaS. Developers need to know that currently, there are not standards for interoperability or data portability in the cloud. Some providers will not allow software created by their customers to be moved off the provider’s platform. Examples:- Middleware, Intergation, Messaging, Information, connectivity etc AWS, IBM Virtual images, Boomi, CastIron, Google Appengine Copyright reserved ©UAT Forum

Software as a Service (SaaS)::

Software as a Service (SaaS): In the software-as-a-service cloud model, the vendor supplies the hardware infrastructure, the software product and interacts with the user through a front-end portal. SaaS is a very broad market. Services can be anything from Web-based email to inventory control and database processing. Because the service provider hosts both the application and the data, the end user is free to use the service from anywhere. There are several successful SaaS model running all over the web. Examples:- Gmail , GoogleCalender Payroll, HR, CRM etc Sugarm CRM, IBM Lotus Live Copyright reserved ©UAT Forum

Types Of Clouds:

Types Of Clouds Public Cloud : the services are delivered to the client via the Internet from a third party service provider. Example: Amazon Private Cloud : these services are managed and provided within the organization. There are less restriction on network bandwidth, fewer security exposures and other legal requirements compared to the public Cloud. Example: HP Data Centers Copyright reserved ©UAT Forum

PowerPoint Presentation:

Cloud computing technology Copyright reserved ©UAT Forum

Utility computing:

Utility computing To say it simply, it is a price model based on resource usage quantity. Utility computing allows companies to only pay for the computing resources they need, when they need them. The main benefit of utility computing is better economics . Copyright reserved ©UAT Forum

What cloud computing means to users?:

What cloud computing means to users? Lower client workload Lower Total Cost Ownership Separation of infrastructure maintenance duties from domain-specific application development Separation of application code from physical resources Not have to purchase assets for one-time or infrequent intensive computing tasks Expand resource on-demand Make the application have high availability Quickly deploy application Pay per use Copyright reserved ©UAT Forum

Cloud computing infrastructure features:

Cloud computing infrastructure features Self-healing Multi-tenancy Virtualized Linearly Scalable Resource Monitor and measure Resource registration and discovery Copyright reserved ©UAT Forum

Difficulties for cloud computing:

Difficulties for cloud computing Continuous high availability Consistency Interoperability and standardization Scalability of all components Data secrecy Legal and political problem of data store and translation across regions Performance issue Difficulty customizing Organizational obstacle Copyright reserved ©UAT Forum

PowerPoint Presentation:

Cloud computing products and market Copyright reserved ©UAT Forum

Market Opportunities :

Market Opportunities Copyright reserved ©UAT Forum

Cloud Providers:

Cloud Providers Copyright reserved ©UAT Forum

Cloud computing open source projects:

Cloud computing open source projects Infrastructure management projects :- Enomalism, convirt, redhat genome, hyperVM. lxlabs, LN, OpenNEbula. Useful open source projects to build cloud platform-: Kenso, hyperic, virt-P2V Copyright reserved ©UAT Forum

Cloud Articles:

Cloud Articles http:// Copyright reserved ©UAT Forum

PowerPoint Presentation:

Copyright reserved ©UAT Forum

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