Becoming Your Own Healer

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Empowerment Coach Jason Nelson

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Becoming Your Own Healer is a home study course designed to help you strengthen, re-charge, and re-affirm yourself in all facets of your life. Through DVDs, CDs, a workbook with practice exercises, and extras like an online discussion forum and teleclasses, you will gain all the tools and techniques you need to enhance your physical, behavioral, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. Let me share with you a portion of one of the lessons available in the Becoming Your Own Healer home study course.

Healing Emotional Blocks : 

Healing Emotional Blocks With the Rainbow Healing Technique

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We are like a rainbow, with each aspect of ourselves making us whole and complete. When we try to dim one of our colors emotionally, we are no longer celebrating us. By accepting others as a whole and complete rainbow, we are able to accept their humanness, and thus, accept our own humanness. When we love ourselves we are more deeply able to love others. There might be things in our bodies that we don’t want to feel, such as pain from prior experiences, or things that we don’t like about ourselves As a result, we become ungrounded. When we celebrate our colors, it unifies us with our unconditionally loving spiritual nature.

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Visualize yourself as a bright, beautiful rainbow with rich colors. Every part of you is important beyond belief, even the colors or parts of you that you or others disagree with.

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See children as rainbows too, and nurture their colors instead of trying to change them. Love yourself and children will love themselves! Celebrate your differences instead of eliminating them. The wealth of diversity in everyone is part of the meaning of life. Let me share with you a story of one of my clients, Marion. Marion, had a young daughter with severe temper tantrums. At least twice a day, her daughter went through intense emotional episodes where she would bite, hit, throw objects, and scream frantically. Marion was very confused and didn’t know what to do.

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I told her that her daughter was lashing out because she felt anger that wasn’t accepted by her mother. I told Marion that emotions are like colors of the rainbow. Each color is beautiful, and without any one the rainbow would not be complete. She needed to see her daughter’s anger as just another one of her colors and accept it, too. Marion began loving and accepting her daughter’s anger in addition to loving and accepting all of her other emotions. Her daughter stopped throwing tantrums.

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She says, “Jason showed me that there are no ‘bad’ or ‘good’ emotions. All emotions are like the colors of a rainbow, and each color is beautiful. This shift is an enormous blessing for my daughter and our whole family. Loving and accepting anger means welcoming peace. And there is so much peace now in our hearts!”

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When children feel that their parents see them as beautiful colors, rather than ‘bad’ and ‘negative’, the child releases and naturally changes, knowing they are accepted for who they are. Close your eyes and visualize yourself as a beautiful rainbow. Do this every day.

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For more soul-centered lessons and all the tools you need to start becoming a full and powerful healer, get the Becoming Your Own Healer Home Study Course, available at

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